Philippine Peso Likely to Hit P54:$1 by year-end

As this article goes to press at 10:30 am, June 13th, 2018, the exchange rate stands at 53.10 Philippine pesos to 1 US dollar. The Manila Times  reports that Singapore-based bank DBS is predicting a fall to P54 versus the US dollar by the end of this year, 2018. Earlier forecasts posted in this website had predicted an even further decline of P56 to 1 USD by year’s end.

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Philippine Peso Hits Near 12-Year Low


“Philippine Peso Hits Near 12-Year Low” is good news for expats who convert their US Dollars to the Philippine Peso. The Manila Times reports that the peso weakened to a near 12-year low anew on Thursday. One bank analyst attributed the peso’s decline to a central bank decision to cut bank reserve requirements.

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Philippine Peso Tops 51:$1 Level, 11 Year Low

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The Philippine peso broke the 51 a dollar level Friday. The PHP closed at a fresh 11-year low against the US Dollar. Rising tensions between North Korea and the USA are said to have contributed to the peso’s demise. As this post was being composed, Saturday, Aug. 12th, 2017, the current rate stood at 1 USD = 51.06 PHP.

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Ph Peso Sinks to 6-Year Low Vs. USD


Good news for all of you American expats living in the Philippines: Ph Peso Sinks to 6-Year Low Vs. USD. Yes, dear readers, it’s time for another exchange rate rant

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Should YOU Move to the Philippines?

I'm an American expat from Central Illinois that worked at telecommunications giant AT&T for almost 30 years. I married a lovely Filipina over 13 years ago. We sold our home in Central Illinois in less than 30 days and moved to the Philippines over four years ago. My wife spent nine years with me in the States before my retirement from AT&T. We've been living in “paradise” ever since.Guimaras sunset

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Healthcare Clinics in the Philippines

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Healthcare costs and the quality of healthcare clinics available in the Philippines are valid concerns for anyone planning to live in this archipelago. After three and-a-half years of living in the rural province of Guimaras and nearby Iloilo City, my asawa and I have had occasion to visit various physicians, dentists and hospitals available. But how do they stack up to American healthcare?DSC

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