Upcoming Abolishment of PhilHealth


The Manila Standard reports the government will eliminate PhilHealth and replace it with the Philippine Health Security Office.  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced the new healthcare program would provide all Filipinos with universal health care. Congress under House Bill 5784 approved the new plan, which will now be called the National Health Security Program.

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PhilHealth: Foreigner Married to Filipina Update


PhilHealth is the national health insurance plan of the Philippines. My wife, a Filipino citizen, first enrolled in the program in 2012, three years after we  had retired to the Philippines. The cost at that time was 1,200 pesos, approximately 24 US dollars, a year. As her legally recognized spouse, I was also included in the coverage at no additional cost as a dependent.

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PhilHealth Contribution for Hospital Bill


After being diagnosed with gastritis and bile reflux, my asawa was ready to be discharged from Medicus Hospital in Iloilo City. This post, “PhilHealth Contribution=$300 ER, Hospital Bill,” reveals how much of our hospital bill, PhilHealth, the national health insurance plan of the Philippines, covered.

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The Verdict: Wife Diagnosed With Gastritis & Bile Reflux


After spending an evening at Medicus Hospital with constant around-the-clock care from an attentive staff, my asawa prepared for the morning’s first procedure, an upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopy. My asawa has been suffering from chronic lower abdominal pain for several months now. The latest attack forced us to take a nighttime emergency pump boat ride from Guimaras, our home, to nearby Iloilo City, which has vastly superior medical facilities than our home province.

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Asawa’s Plight: Medicus Iloilo City ER Responds

medicus iloilo city

My asawa was in the front passenger seat of our Aurora Blue Ford Ranger suffering from an extreme abdominal pain attack. The Provincial Hospital in Guimaras, our home province, was unable to deal with the medical emergency. We sprinted toward the Jordan Wharf in Guimaras to catch a “special trip” nighttime pump boat ride to Iloilo City. My sister-in-law Alida was in the back seat.

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Is PhilHealth Available for Foreigners?


Is PhilHealth available for foreigners? On May 21, 2015, PhilHealth, the national health insurance company of the Philippines,  released the following bulletin: “The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will soon provide health care benefits to foreign nationals and former Filipinos who wish to retire in the country.”

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Dengue Hospital Costs Covered by PhilHealth

guimaras provincial hospital

We received good news since my spouse was admitted to our local healthcare facility in the Philippines. She was on the road to recovery and was discharged from the Guimaras Provincial Hospital this past Friday after a battle with dengue fever and pneumonia

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Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2

guimaras provincial hospital

“Diagnosis: Dengue Fever & Pneumonia, Part 2.”

I had rushed my asawa to the Provincial Hospital in Guimaras where we received the grim news. My wife had a case of dengue fever and pneumonia. Her white blood platelet count was dangerously low, 106, with 150 being the normal range. The physician on duty advised us that my spouse could be at risk for internal bleeding due to the dengue. 

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Our Filipino Car Insurance Report

the damaged Ford Ranger XLT in the Philippines

Our Filipino car insurance report was a virgin experience for both my asawa and me. My loving wife sideswiped a sand and gravel truck on the husky size the other day and came out on the losing end. Our new Ford Ranger XLT passenger truck was not even a week old. It was the battle of David and Goliath and David, the little guy, got his ass kicked this time.

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