It’s the Day of the Dead in the Philippines

jordan municipal cemetary guimaras

It’s two days before All Saints Day, or “Araw ng mgba Patay”, the celebration of the Day of the Dead as it is called in the predominantly Catholic Philippines, and observed by Catholics worldwide. My wife, her Mother, sister Alida and our niece Michelle traveled to Jordan Municipal Cemetery in Guimaras to pay our respects to relatives that have long since left this earthly domain. 

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Island Hopping Around Guimaras

sunset over guimaras

Recently did some island island hopping around Guimaras, our island province home in Western Visayas, the heartland of the Philippines. After spending a pleasant day quaffing a few San Miguel Pale Pilsens with our relatives, at the Sto. Nino Island Resort, we paid an extra 500 pesos. 11 bucks,  to check out some nearby islands.  It costs 100 pesos, $2.25 US dollars anyway, to take the boat back to the main island, so why not avail of the complete tour package for a few extra pesos? 

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How BDO Screwed Up Our Dollar Account in the Philippines

BDO tellers

My asawa and I have had a peso savings account with BDO, Banco de Oro, for a couple of years. We established it when my ATM debit card from our bank in the United States expired. At the time we needed to open an account so my sister-in-law from Kuwait, Marjorie, an OFW, Overseas Filipino Worker, could easily send remittances to us. We care for her two children, Shaina and Sherwin. Here’s the story of how BDO screwed up our dollar account in the Philippines.

BDO tellers

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Fleeing Jeddah

crew at halloween
The wife and I have to go to Iloilo City later today to pick up her sister Marjorie who has been working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) outside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The OFW’s used to be called OCW’s (Overseas Contract Worker) as was the case with my wife Melinda when she worked in Singapore and in Taiwan. Marjorie had a two year contract with an employment agency from the Philippines that was not due to expire until December 2010. Over 11 million Filipinos work overseas as OFW’s since unemployment here is so bad. Marjorie, Shina, Sharwin and JalAmiel

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Unemployment in the Philippines Rises

The unemployment rate in the Philippines  increased to 7.3 percent in July 2013 from 7 percent in the same period last year according to a  yahoo.news philippines report from the NSO, National Statistics Office.

Philippine Flag


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Jobs in the Philippines: April and Michelle Find Employment

Jobs in the Philippines are extremely difficult to find. With widespread age discrimination running rampant across this archipelago, my twin nieces, April and Michelle (seen in the following photo), age 19,  are fortunate to be in the prime hiring bracket. If you’re 30 or over, your chances of finding a job become that much more formidable. (The girls were bored last Sunday when we had another long brown out, over 10 hours, and since Michelle had an extra uniform, they decided to do this pose.)

 April and Michelle, Savemore uniforms

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Niece Hunts for Call Center Jobs in Iloilo

Call center jobs in Iloilo City. Are there any available? My niece Michelle has tried to secure employment with a call center since last June when she arrived in “The City of Love” with her 19-year-old twin sister, April.  April has worked at SM City as a sales associate for the past few weeks but her sister has not had much luck in finding a job. Unemployment is a serious problem in the Philippines. The lack of jobs is a major reason so many Filipinos go to work abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs. Mich and April

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Are Filipinas the Most Beautiful Women in the World?

my lovely asawa taking a break at casa rosa resort taytay palawan

Recent posts on younger Filipinas with older guys and how to meet your special someone on Cherry Blossoms has prompted me to write today’s article. Don’t know why I’ve never devoted a whole piece to this topic before, but a recent FHM Philippines video, posted at the end of this article, inspired me. 

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US Dollar to Philippine Peso Exchange Update: Peso Hits 4-Yr High


Are you an American expat living in the Philippines that keeps a close eye on the US Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate? Maybe you're a Filipino  working overseas who sends money home to your family every month as my asawa used to do years ago.  If so, the recent report that the Philippine peso recently hit a four year high is not welcome news for you. I'm certainly not thrilled with it. After almost three years in the Philippines, the current rate of 1 USD to 41.68 PHP doesn't do much for the budget. DSC

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