“Her Mother-in-Law is an Aswang”


(Aswang graphic: Travis Simmons, Author of Wyrd Fiction)

We recently encountered a roadblock in our search for a new domestic helper in the Philippines. Our current 17-year-old helper is leaving tomorrow. She’s pregnant. The young girl must have gotten knocked up on a Sunday, her day off,  as no one at our home in the archipelago is thankfully not responsible for the Filipina’s condition.  A distant neighbor brought over a prospective new employee yesterday. But there’s a problem with this lady: her mother-in-law is an aswang.

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More Pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party

niece denden in our new swimming pool in the philippines

I had more pictures from our new swimming hole that I didn’t publish in my last post. So I’ve added more pics from our 1st Philippines Pool Party. Last weekend saw our Guimaras relatives frolicking in our new lagoon. Even Lola, my mother-in-law got into the act! Thankfully, Grandma, seen in the next shot,  did not wear a two-piece string bikini.

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Saving Snacks for Fernando Poe Jr.


Lolo, grandpa, my father-in-law is saving snacks for Fernando Poe, Jr. There’s only one problem with that.  Fernando, the Philippines’ greatest action hero,  is dead. FPJ passed away on  December 14, 2004. But that doesn’t dissuade poor Lolo, afflicted with Alzheimer’s,  from saving all his munchies for Da King.  My wife’s elderly father, 80, has been  stashing snacks into the Comfort Room, CR, so Fernando can enjoy a  tasty tidbit after taking a pee. FPJ

(Filipino Action King Fernando Poe Jr.    Photo Source: ph.omg.yahoo.com)

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Island Hopping Off Guimaras

Visited Raymen Beach Resort,  located on Guimaras, the sweet mango province where my wife grew up, this past Mother’s Day.  We were celebrating the birthdays of two nephews, Sharwen and Jorreal.  Since my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Alida, were in attendance, it was a perfect way to combine the birthday celebrations and also honor our Mom’s.  Island hopping tour in Guimaras

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Trouble in Paradise: Lolo’s Plight

Lolo has finished his nightly prayers. I’m on the living room couch. It’s 11 pm, Easter Sunday.  Mosquitoes are buzzing me like unmanned drones over Afghanistan searching for Taliban militia.  My asawa is stationed in the nipa hut located in the front yard of her home in Guimaras. She’s keeping a watchful eye on her tatay (father) who has become very delusional.

The crew in Guimaras

(The  intervention crew, from left to right: My lovely asawa, Lolo, Cousin Emma, Cousin Roberto)

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Living in the Philippines: 3 Yr Review

My previous post listed some positives about living in the Philippines. After three years in "paradise," I thought it was time to do a review of our experiences here.  Now it's time to address the "bad" and "ugly" side. Things I don't like about living here. (Image source: taopo.org)   poverty manila

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Fences Mended in Mango Land

Big mango at Jordan Wharf Visitors Center in Guimaras

Fences have been mended in Guimaras. A family dispute that started last October and prompted our move to a subdivision outside of Iloilo City, has ended. My asawa, twin nieces and myself, along with my new American expat friend Scott B, headed out from Parola Dock in Iloilo this past Friday morning to make the pump boat ride to my asawa’s home on the sweet mango province. 


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The Iceman’s Story: Building Our House in the Philippines

Master Plan

Monty "The Iceman" sent me an email the other day along with some photos of a new house he has having built in the Philippines. Since my asawa and I are planning to start construction on a new home here within the next three years, I'm always trying to obtain as much information on building in the PH as possible.  Monty graciously sent some text to go with the pictures. Here's "The Iceman's" story:Master Plan


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