Celian Seafoods Resto, Guimaras: New Expat Hangout


It was time for a change. A contingent of expats that reside in Guimaras, the island province we call home, decided to visit a new eatery this past Friday evening. While most of the group, including this author, “The Kano,” have been dropping in at “Oliva’s Kitchen” for the past couple of months, some of us desired a changed.

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Guimaras Town is Pilot Area for Market Tourism

Market day in Guimaras

The Alibhon Public Market (“New Site”) in Jordan, Guimaras will serve as the pilot area for market tourism, which is a new product of the Department of Tourism (DOT-6.) Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and other regional tourism directors are expected to attend the launch. DOT-6 has identified 20 markets all over the region for the market tourism initiative, with Jordan as the first to respond to the invitation of the department.

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Guimaras Expats Hotspot: Oliva’s Kitchen

The Crusty Old Expat and his lovely asawa have been dining every Friday night at the hotspot for Guimaras expats: Oliva’s Kitchen.  On our tiny island province of about 163,000 residents, Oliva’s Kitchen is the best restaurant on the island. Here’s why:

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Devastating Fire Guts Guimaras Old Site

“Devastating Fire Guts Guimaras Old Site.” The Chavez Building, a commercial building located at the Old Site, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, was devastated by fire on December 4, 2017. The structure housed 40-50 retail outlets selling ready-to-wear goods (RTWs), along with pharmacies, pawnshops and a bakery.

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The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding

wedding in the philippines

My asawa and I had just returned from another trip to Cebu City with our little niece and nephew from Guimaras in tow. We only had a couple of days before we would attend what I like to call “The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding.” My spouse and I were approached a couple of months ago by some distant relatives and asked to be sponsors for the big event.

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A Good Man in Guimaras is Laid to Rest

the final goodbye

A Good Man in Guimaras is laid to rest. Our worker, Melchor Tacaisan, 42, was laid to rest this past Sunday afternoon, at St. Michael the ArchAngel’s Church in San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.  Melchor is survived by his wife and five children, ranging in age from two months to a daughter in her first year of high school.

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New PhilPost Office Opens in Mango Land, Guimaras

Mango tour bus

Along with my Filipina spouse, I’ve lived in the Philippines over five years now. One of the things that I’ve learned to adjust to (aside from guys peeing in public on the streets) is the lack of mail delivery service that we had back in the States. Disparage the USPS all you want. If you have never lived overseas, you have nothing to compare it to. And guess what? Mail service in the Philippines makes the United States Postal Service look better than all the girls at closing time (with apologies to Mickey Gilley.) Now a new PhilPost office opens in mango land, Guimaras, but should I send my mail from the States there?Mango tour bus

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Current Crime Capers Clamp Down on Mango Land

mango land guimaras

Guimaras used to be the least crime free province in the Western Visayas. The mango province only posted a crime volume of 128 and average monthly crime rate of 10.63 for the period January to July 2013, which were considered the lowest in Western Visayas. But current crime capers now chow down on Mango Land, Guimaras. Attempted murders, strong-armed robberies and burglaries now litter the landscape of this once peaceful province, where my asawa and I moved to over five years ago. We’ve also spent two years on nearby Panay Island, where we do the bulk of our shopping in Illoilo City, a metropolis of over 400,000 people with an understandably higher crime rate than our island province which has approximately 163,000 residents and 100 times the number of dogs, lizards, chickens and roosters.

Big mango at Jordan Wharf Visitor's Center in Guimaras

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