Cute 15-Year-Old Filipina is Checking Me Out! The Conclusion.

Just had embarrassed my asawa again as yesterday's story ended. Wasn't the first time. Won't be the last. We hop on a jeepney outside of SM City in Iloilo to get a ride to the Ortiz Dock to take the pump boat back to Guimaras. I give the driver a 20 peso note, the fare is now P15 for two people due to a recent jeepney price hike. I wait for my P5 change.  I quickly notice other people are receiving their change from the driver immediately. I loudly ask my wife, sitting across from me, why I haven't received my change yet. "Ask the driver later." she said, obviously ticked off that I am annoyed and making a scene. Cute Maids

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The First Birthday Cake

DSCSpent Thanksgiving Day yesterday in Iloilo City. Went there with my asawa,  three-year-old niece Amiel, and our older niece, Shaina. Shaina just turned 13 today, and we had to take the pump boat from Jordan Wharf in Guimaras to the Ortiz Dock in Iloilo in order to buy her a birthday cake. There are plenty of bake shops on Guimaras that sell pan de sal and other baked goods, but  we do not  know of any that sell cakes, so we made the voyage to Iloilo City. Shaina's mother is still working in Kuwait, and her father is roaming around somewhere in Manila,  so it is our responsibility and desire to make sure she has a good birthday celebration.

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The Two Filipina Flirts on the Pump Boat to Guimaras Island!

Returning home to Guimaras Island after a recent trip to Iloilo City, I was greeted by Lang Lang, my regular porter at Ortiz Dock. I had nothing for the burly, barrel-chested porter to carry so I just shook his paw and purchased my 13 peso ticket (about 30 cents)  for the 15 minute pump boat ride home. I walked down the narrow path to the "April Boys", and as I boarded the ve ssel and headed for some empty seats in the back, two young cute Filipinas sitting in the very last row were motioning for me to sit next to them!Kat and Chessa

Latest News From Guimaras Island

Here is some of the latest news from Guimaras Island. Good news and bad. Here's the good news :From "PreventionWeb", Nov. 10, 2010.  The Korea International Cooperating Agency (KOICA) will  assist Guimaras in order to strengthen its disaster preparedness, response and risk reduction management with a  $170,000 one year grant. DSC

Filipino Law Allows Murder for Spouses Caught in Adultery!

sexy filipina

Filipino law allows murder for spouses caught in the act of adultery. It also allows parents to kill guys caught having sex with their daughters!  I saw this amazing headline in the October 12, 2010 newspaper edition of the phil STAR.com. I assure you I am not making this up, and I am not writing this blog under the influence of too many San Miguels or bottles of Red Horse.DSC

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Attempted Break-In Averted!

Four am this morning. My wife and I both awake to the sound of someone rattling the front door of our home in the Philippines. We both jump out of bed, and turn on the front porch light. No one in sight. Fortunately the door was locked.  There is no doubt that this was an attempted break-in.DSC

Trouble Shows Up At Our Gate in Guimaras!


Saw a man at our gate yesterday afternoon. He stood out as he stands about my height of six feet and is kind of a big guy, not your typical shorter Filipino that I usually tower over. Thought I recognized him as one of the jeepney dispatchers, Pablo,  back at the Jordan Wharf  where I catch a pump boat ride to Iloilo City.The Kano and niece JalAmiel

I Don’t Need a Vehicle in the Philippines!

I Don't Need a Vehicle in the Philippines! Well, at least not in Guimaras, the rural province in the Philippines that I live in with my  beautiful Filipina wife. Transportation costs are so cheap that at this point it makes no sense to have a car/vehicle payment or maintenance, gasoline, and vehicle insurance costs.DSC

More Rooster Ramblings from The Rooster Crows at 4 am! Direct from the Philippines!

[smartads]More Rooster Ramblings from the Rooster Crows at 4 am! And yes, we are live from the Philippines presenting an American expat's view of life on the edge of a jungle. Have a lot of topics to cover today, so let's get with it. The above photo is a sari sari store outside of the Jordan Wharf with some colorful posters that I love. See the posters with "magload na diri" and "load na dito?" "Magload na diri" is the local language for "get your load here" and "load na dito" is Tagalog for the same. The poster is talking about getting more minutes put on your cell phone. Lots of Filipinos here have a cell phone, but do not have a monthly contract (like Sainted Patient Wife and I.)  Just take your phone to the local sari sari, and they will load it there, or buy a phone card for the service you use (we use Smart telephone) and load it yourself like we do. No muss. No fuss. No contracts. No monthly bill. The majority of the folks text here (again, like we do) because it is cheaper. I would estimate that we have only used a 300 peso phone card (about six dollars) in the past two months. Since I have my magicJack  for free calls to the United States, our telecommunication costs are low.


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