Guimaras Expats Hotspot: Oliva’s Kitchen

The Crusty Old Expat and his lovely asawa have been dining every Friday night at the hotspot for Guimaras expats: Oliva’s Kitchen.  On our tiny island province of about 163,000 residents, Oliva’s Kitchen is the best restaurant on the island. Here’s why:

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Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw

Sometimes it boggles even my thick, fat kano skull. Though my Filipina wife and I moved to the Philippines over eight years ago, some news still astonishes me. Take it from the crusty old expat, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot, I’ve experienced a lot. But the following news report: “Trike Driver Could Get 8 Years in Jail for Using Chainsaw” completely baffles me.

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Philippines Vehicle Registration Renewal Smoke Test Woes

Regular readers of “Philippines Plus” are well aware that the tag “Crusty Old Expat” fits my persona perfectly. Thanks to Scott H, retired Iraqi War Veteran, I’ve used that moniker for several years now.

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Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld Move

Iloilo Immigration

“February,” was the security guard’s response to my query. That is when the Iloilo Immigration Bureau Megaworld move would occur. My asawa and I were in the Iloilo Bureau of Immigration, BI, so I could make my Annual Report (AR) as a foreigner.

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CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus

CONCLUSION: Philippines Vehicle Registration Ruckus. My asawa and I were heading out to our local Land Transportation Office, LTO, in Guimaras. After being told by a local insurance agent that our truck registration had expired last March, we had to sort the matter out. After reviewing our paperwork from LTO, I was under the impression our Ford Ranger’s registration didn’t end until later this month.

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Simbang Gabi Kicks Off Jesus’ Birthday Party

Easter Mass Trappist Monastery Guimaras

Simbang Gabi has begun in the Philippines. This Catholic celebration kicks off Jesus’ Birthday Party in the archipelago. But don’t expect cake and ice cream for this celebration. However, food stalls are located right outside the church offering such popular Filipino favorites such as puto bumbong (sticky rice pastry), bibingka (rice cake) and salabat (ginger tea) or tsokolate (hot chocolate.)

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Devastating Fire Guts Guimaras Old Site

“Devastating Fire Guts Guimaras Old Site.” The Chavez Building, a commercial building located at the Old Site, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, was devastated by fire on December 4, 2017. The structure housed 40-50 retail outlets selling ready-to-wear goods (RTWs), along with pharmacies, pawnshops and a bakery.

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