Living in the Philippines: Five Year Review

Living in the Philippines: Five year review. With our fifth year in paradise approaching, I thought this would be a good time to look back at some previous posts regarding past reviews and see how my viewpoint has changed since those earlier days in “paradise.” Here’s part one of a two part series.

Guimaras sunset

Sunset on the Iloilo Strait. One of my all time favorite pictures that I’ve taken in the past five years. 

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Our Laundry Lady in Guimaras Gets Clothes Lined

We haven’t had a washing machine and dryer since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. When my Filipina wife and I lived at “The Compound,” in Guimaras, our laundry lady, a neighbor, came by every day. Her salary? P1,000 a month and lunch. 23 US Dollars.Our new Sanyo Washer in the Philippines

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Saving Snacks for Fernando Poe Jr.


Lolo, grandpa, my father-in-law is saving snacks for Fernando Poe, Jr. There’s only one problem with that.  Fernando, the Philippines’ greatest action hero,  is dead. FPJ passed away on  December 14, 2004. But that doesn’t dissuade poor Lolo, afflicted with Alzheimer’s,  from saving all his munchies for Da King.  My wife’s elderly father, 80, has been  stashing snacks into the Comfort Room, CR, so Fernando can enjoy a  tasty tidbit after taking a pee. FPJ

(Filipino Action King Fernando Poe Jr.    Photo Source: ph.omg.yahoo.com)

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Trouble in Paradise: Lolo’s Plight

Lolo has finished his nightly prayers. I’m on the living room couch. It’s 11 pm, Easter Sunday.  Mosquitoes are buzzing me like unmanned drones over Afghanistan searching for Taliban militia.  My asawa is stationed in the nipa hut located in the front yard of her home in Guimaras. She’s keeping a watchful eye on her tatay (father) who has become very delusional.

The crew in Guimaras

(The  intervention crew, from left to right: My lovely asawa, Lolo, Cousin Emma, Cousin Roberto)

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