Kuwaiti Beauty Blogger Promotes Filipino Slavery

The Manila Standard recently ran a story regarding a Kuwaiti beauty blogger promoting Filipino slavery. Sondo al-Qattan proclaims she will not hire a Filipino domestic helper as they are now entitled to four days off a month. In full disclosure I have a sister-in-law who has been employed as a household assistant in Kuwait for over seven years now. I take this so-called social media star’s racist remarks quite personally.

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Grand Guimaras Garden Reflections

Grand Guimaras Garden Reflections

While checking out some recycled flower pots hanging from one of our cashew trees, I decided to take the following photographs of my better half’s spacious garden.  If you live in the Philippines, we moved here from Central Illinois almost nine years ago, you can have a garden 365 days a year. For a gardening fanatic like my wife, seen in the next photo with her long-sleeved work clothes, it’s a dream come true. 

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New Philippines Domestic Helper Hired!

Run naked through the streets and shout it from the housetops! “New Philippines Domestic Helper Hired!” OK, you might want to skip that running naked part. Nevertheless, dear readers, The Crusty Old Expat is as happy as a turd in a toilet bowl. Moreover, my friends, that is about as a happy as a turd can get, though I haven’t spoken to any turds recently. “Poop-heads?” Well, that’s a different story.

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Despite Increased Risk, Sister-in-Law Stays in Kuwait

The Crusty Old Expat was saddened to hear of the torture and death of a Filipina, a domestic helper in Kuwait, who was from Sara, Iloilo. Sitting upright in a freezer, with arms crossed was the lifeless body of Joanna Daniela Demafelis, 29. Her body bore torture marks and signs of strangulation. For more than a year, the ill-fated Pinay’s body had been in that freezer. However, despite the increased risk, my sister-in-law Marjorie, also a domestic helper has opted to stay in Kuwait.

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Sister-in-law banned from Working in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti Beauty Blogger Promotes Filipino Slavery

Sister-in-law banned from working in Kuwait? That’s the question swirling around our household recently. My wife’s younger sister Marjorie (seen on the left) has been working as a domestic helper in Kuwait for over six years. Philippine President Duterte has called for a temporary ban on Overseas Filipino Workers, OFWs, to Kuwait.

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