The Bolo: The Essential Filipino Tool

The bolo, or machete, is the essential Filipino tool and probably can be found in the majority of Philippine households. I doubt if you could go to any residence on the mango island of Guimaras, where we dwell, and not find this useful tool.

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Expat Farmer in the Philippines

I'm an American expat living on a farm in the Philippines. My lovely Filipina wife of over 13 years can legitimately claim to be a farmer, as she started working on the family rice farm at the age of seven, often kept home from school to work. But the sweat and physical labor involved in working the land and growing stuff is way too strenuous for this retired 61-year-old geezer.

The Kano, Papa Duck, My Asawa and Anne in an earlier photo taken at "The Farm"

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Continuing Problems with Smart Bro in Iloilo

Internet broad ban service in the Philippines is a hit and miss proposition. If there’s not a brown out, power outage, then chances are the World Wide Web, invented by Al Gore, is not accessible from our unreliable Internet connection provided by Smart Bro.

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Lola Tries to Shake Me Down

Heading towards the guardhouse of "The Orchard Subdivision" this past Friday when I spied an elderly, well-dressed lola (grandma) approaching me down the street. I was in the area checking on a possible site for our new home in the Philippines which we plan to build in less than two years from now. I also had heard this part of the Savannah Subdivision in Iloilo had water service 24/7 unlike the home we currently rent. 

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Living in the Philippines: 3 Yr Review

My previous post listed some positives about living in the Philippines. After three years in "paradise," I thought it was time to do a review of our experiences here.  Now it's time to address the "bad" and "ugly" side. Things I don't like about living here. (Image source:  

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