The Wife Is Always Right!


I left off yesterday's story excited that my plan to help my ever patient, hardworking wife, Melinda, with the household chores at "The Compound" by enlisting the aid of our 13-year-old niece, Shaina, to clean our CR, Comfort Room, once a week,  seemed to be working.  In return for her scrubbing our toilet, I had given my niece, against the warning from my asawa that Shaina was not responsible,  my old cell phone that was only displaying a half screen image at times, but could still be used if the phone was turned on and off a few times which would bring back the full screen.  My wife and I were on our way to Iloilo for some shopping and to purchase a load I had promised for Shaina's  phone.DSC

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I Want to Hire a Cute Filipina Maid!

Cute Filipina Maid

I had to admit to my wife this past Friday that she was right. This is something that I do like to do, but the fact was my asawa was absolutely, 100% correct, and there was nothing I could do to wiggle out of this situation. In just a little over 11 years of marriage (check out “How I Met The Sainted Patient Wife,” a love story for Valentine’s Day) my wife has only admitted to me ONCE that I was right.  Despite my status as “King Kano” of “The Compound,to acknowledge I had made an error in judgment was a bitter, bitter pill to swallow. Oh, how I hate that phrase that has haunted husbands throughout the centuries: “I told you so!”

Konoe Tsurugi? (Hanaukyo Maid Team)

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A Rooster Crows at 4am! Exclusive! Local Labor Crew Hard at Work in Guimaras

"The Rooster Crows at 4am!" staff photographer caught some exclusive photos of our local labor crew in Guimaras!  The construction workers were furiously digging a trench to install a pipeline from our septic tank to alleviate the water level in it which had filled with water due to recent rains. The American Standard toilet in our Comfort Room was not flushing due to the full water level in the septic tank, so the leader of the crew (in the blue top) organized a group of locals to get the trench dug before nightfall.

Construction crew in Guimaras in the Philippines

A Funeral Band, A Snake in the Bathroom, And Another Sunday Morning in the Philippines!


Woke up late this Sunday morning at 6:45 as I was battling a cold and needed more rest. Heard some music just down our muddy, cow-poop-laden subdivision road. Looked outside and saw a gathering of people at a neighbor's home. A young man, a brother and son, that  attended college in nearby Iloilo City had recently passed away after a bout with dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease that has seen over an 89 percent increase in the Philippines since last year and had claimed another victim.Big snake in the Philippines

I Sleep on the Bathroom Floor!

I awoke around 4:30 am this morning to pee, my usual pee time. I went back to sleep for an hour since I was not rested as my wife woke up around 10 pm last night, couldn't sleep, disturbed my slumber, and turned on the television and started flipping through all the channels like a guy.

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Latest Remodeling Project in the Philippines! Construction Costs Information!

Latest Remodeling Project in the Philippines! Construction Costs Information! The first phase of our remodeling project at our home in the Philippines, in Guimaras province,  began  August 2009. Our contractor and his crew built a bathroom addition (called a CR, Comfort Room),  plus tore down a dividing wall in one bedroom to make a more spacious room for my mother-in-law, 12 year old niece, and 10 year old nephew.  A 10 year old, termite-infested wooden roof was replaced with metal trusses and an orange metal roof.  Click here for costs and more info on the roof.The Comfort Room's new tile edging and paint

Preschool Nutrition Day Party! Coke Is Served For Lunch!

Pancit noodles, macaroni soup, sweet baked goods, and regular Coke was the lunch menu for a special Nutrition Day at my sister-in-law's preschool which is located in the back of our "Fortress" (I used to call our home "The Compound" but "Fortress" sounds a bit more menacing) in Guimaras province in the Philippines.Nutrition Day in the Philippines

First Year in the Philippines! The Pitfalls in Paradise! Part Two!

Here is a list of my Pitfalls in Paradise!   (or things that really irritate me): Living with my mother-in-law or relatives  (not to worry, my mother-in-law can’t read English) The heat and humidity (sucks all of the energy out of you at first,  get an air con!) Lack of privacy (mother-in-law peers into our room, no bathroom … Read moreFirst Year in the Philippines! The Pitfalls in Paradise! Part Two!

New Look at “The Compound” in Guimaras

"The Compound", in beautiful San Miguel, Jordan,  Guimaras province, Philippines,  is finally getting a fresh  outside coat of paint. I have posted the obligatory "before" and "after" pictures. And yes, we go for the bright and gaudy colors! Mensha Yellow with Song of Green accents.