Grand Guimaras Garden Reflections

Grand Guimaras Garden Reflections

While checking out some recycled flower pots hanging from one of our cashew trees, I decided to take the following photographs of my better half’s spacious garden.  If you live in the Philippines, we moved here from Central Illinois almost nine years ago, you can have a garden 365 days a year. For a gardening fanatic like my wife, seen in the next photo with her long-sleeved work clothes, it’s a dream come true. 

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Beekeeping: Becoming Self-Sufficient in the Philippines

Bananas, papaya, and lemons are now producing fruit on the multitude of trees my asawa has planted on our three-acre property in the Philippines. Our cashew trees also have been sprouting blossoms recently. My spouse has a garden, which produces sweet potato leaves and okra. Watercress grows in our backyard. “Beekeeping: Becoming Self-Sufficient in the Philippines” may be our next step in self-reliance.

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