The Sexy Filipina and the Pinay Scandal

The Sexy Filipina and the Pinay Scandal. That title is bound to catch your attention. No, this isn't another post or YouTube video about Filipina Bold Movie Star Ara Mina or Hot Filipina Weather Girl: Elita Loresca;  this is a story about a Twitter War recently waged between two female political figures in the Philippines. Some in the media even dubbed the heated social media exchange a "catfight."

(Photo from one of my favorite photographers on Flickr, Ian Ong.)


Filipina Bold Movie Star Ara Mina

Ara Mina, a sexy Filipina beauty, and a star of many “bold” (adult or soft porn) movies made in the Philippines is our featured video of the today. In fact, I have decided to post two videos of the well-endowed pretty Pinay, which she is well deserving of. I am not posting any clips from her “bold” movies, but I don’t think you will be too disappointed in the videos I am presenting today from YouTube. (more…)

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