Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession

Philippines Beauty Pageant Obsession. I’ve already suffered through months of news coverage regarding Miss Philippines Rachel Peters. Ms. Peters is a Filipino-British model who finished in the Top Ten of the recent Miss Universe Pageant. Much to my chagrin, the CNN news report was touting the visit of the new Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters to the Philippines.

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Teen-Age Filipina Beauties

denden yes o model  search guimaras

Our niece DenDen is one of the “Teen-Age Fililpina Beauties” featured in this post. Den recently competed in the “Search for Mr and Miss YES-O-MODEL 2016. ” YES-O is an acronym for The Youth for Environment in Schools’ Organization. The competition was held at our niece’s high school in Guimaras.

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Pretty Pinays Parade of Photos Lost in Picasa

Sigh. Papa Duck and his Asawa Anne attended the Annual Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, beauty pageant, with my spouse and I during the world travelers’ visit to our island province home this past May. We were there for the coronation of the new queen and though I thought we had missed out on the swimsuit competition which was held in April, imagine our delight (well, OK, maybe I shouldn’t include the spouses in “our delight”) when I realized that the fabulous Filipinas would don swimsuits in this final phase of the competition. But, sadly, dear readers, my photo parade of pretty pinays in skimpy outfits got lost in Picasa, Google’s image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos. Here’ s a picture of a poster from the actual swimsuit phase of the contest which I missed.

swimsuit beauties at Manggahan Festival


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Sexy Filipinas and Daring Dancers at Manggahan

Sometimes it’s tough being an American expat in the Philippines. I’m married to a lovely, loving, loyal Filipina wife and surrounded by some of the most beautiful exotic women  and sexy girls on the face of this whirling globe we call Earth. I’m treated like a celebrity and have absolutely no household chores. We have a maid now. While I’m not living in paradise, I’m not too far from it. We even have less brownouts since moving back to Guimaras, our home province, last October, than we ever had before. What more could I guy want, other than a COLD bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen.  



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Beauties & the Beasts: The Kano and Papa Duck Hit Manggahan

Beauties & the Beasts: The Kano and Papa Duck Hit Manggahan. OK, maybe that title post isn’t fair to my American expat friend. I hope PD, who along with Asawa Anne, recently paid a visit to “The Farm” in Guimaras, doesn’t mind. To be honest, I drank a LOT more bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen when The Tom Cat and I used to hang out at the annual mango mash and I would become even more obnoxious than usual. I doubt that Papa Duck and I ever drank more than two bottles of beer any night we attended the festival. 

swimsuit beauties at Manggahan Festival

From the swimsuit competition for Mutya ng Guimaras, Pearl of Guimaras, beauty pageant


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Manggahan Festival 2014 Begins in April

The Manggahan Festival 2014, my favorite annual activity in Guimaras, begins in April. The festival started in 1993 and is a celebration of the island-province’s distinction as a producer of top quality mangoes considered the best tasting in the world. The mango festival is slated to officially to run in San Miguel, Jordan, the capital, from April 20-27.Manggahan Festival dancers

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