The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding

wedding in the philippines

My asawa and I had just returned from another trip to Cebu City with our little niece and nephew from Guimaras in tow. We only had a couple of days before we would attend what I like to call “The Neon Blue Jesus Wedding.” My spouse and I were approached a couple of months ago by some distant relatives and asked to be sponsors for the big event.

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Should YOU Move to the Philippines?

I'm an American expat from Central Illinois that worked at telecommunications giant AT&T for almost 30 years. I married a lovely Filipina over 13 years ago. We sold our home in Central Illinois in less than 30 days and moved to the Philippines over four years ago. My wife spent nine years with me in the States before my retirement from AT&T. We've been living in “paradise” ever since.Guimaras sunset

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Have More Fun in the Philippines!

Who doesn't want to have more fun? Outside of Lance the Canadian, one of my faithful supporters who has more fun than he probably can already handle, I don't think most of us would object to enjoying life more. I personally wouldn't. So when I read the news about the new tourism campaign for the Philippines, I was impressed. The Department of Tourism (DOT) last Friday unveiled the country’s new slogan—“It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Sure beats the last campaign rolled out: "Pilipinas Kay Ganda” in 2010.  How many potential tourists knew that meant "Philippines So Beautiful?" I suspect that  the former effort, which resulted in a new tourism secretary,  may have been hatched after way too many Red Horse sessions. Aprils Santa

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Expats Land on the Moon in Iloilo


We landed on the moon around 11:30 am. The Moon Cafe. Next to SM City in Iloilo. A Mexican-inspired restaurant. Our driver, Naldo, had successfully navigated through the city streets clogged with jeepneys, taxis, pedicabs and pedestrians. Brother Tom and I kicked back and enjoyed the comfort of the air con in Paul from Iloilo’s SUV. Welcome change from the stifling heat of a cramped PUV (Public Utility Vehicle.) We were as happy as a tornado in a trailer park.DSC

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Four American Expats Go to the Moon!


Paul from Iloilo. Brother Tom. “Krazy Kano” Jeff. “The Kano,” Dave. Now immortalized in the annals of American expat history forever. Two “Joe's” from Guimaras. Two from Iloilo. Ex-military. Living in the Philippines and loving it. Who would have ever imagined that these four guys from scattered points in the States, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana and Illinois, respectively, would have ended up in the Philippines and gotten together 7,000 miles from home? And go to the moon, to boot!

(Who says I don't publish unflattering photos of myself? Tom on the left, Paul, and yours truly on the right. I look like I've already had a couple of cases of Red Horse.)


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Rooster Ramblings from the Philippines!

Guimaras, here in the Philippines, with  the beautiful beaches, friendly people, even scuba diving in the coral reefs, is really a tropical paradise. I don’t talk about that part of Guimaras very  much, but I think the family here at “The Compound” is due for a visit to the beach about a half hour’s jeepney road from our place so we can enjoy some of this paradise in the Western Visayas island group in the Philippines. It will give me a good excuse to take some photos, and to splash around in the turquoise blue waters.  Guimaras is becoming known as a tourist destination, and I think that Guimaras will continue to grow with more people buying beachfront property here. 

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