Potential Rice Riots in the Philippines

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 was a somber day for many Filipinos. Philippine Sen. Cynthia Villar had just called for a ban on unlimited rice servings, "unli-rice," in restaurants across the archipelago!

More Female Pushers in Iloilo Peddling Shabu

"More Female Pushers in Iloilo Peddling Shabu." In Western Visayas, the region of the archipelago we call home, 34 women have been arrested for drug dealing. The bulk of females selling shabu (meth) are located on nearby Panay Island, Iloilo province.

mall of asia globe

At War with Globe’s Grand Gaffe!

“Onward, Crusty Soldiers! Marching as to war! With the staff of ‘Globe’s Grand Gaffe’ going on before. “Dave,” the crusty expat, leads against the foe!...

Iloilo Immigration

Iloilo City Immigration Excellence

“Well bad news travels like wildfire, good news travels slow…”Johnny Cash,  Bad News. Bad news gets better ratings. Good news doesn’t get too much attention....

downtown puerto princesa palawan

Puerto Princesa Palawan Paradise

Puerto Princesa Palawan Paradise. Some mortals claim the Philippines is a heavenly utopia. Paradise, if you will. I retired to this archipelago over seven years...