Christmas Party at “The Compound”

I jokingly refer to my wife’s home and property in Guimaras as “The Compound.” We now reside at “The Farm” (I have a thing about naming the places we live at. We spent 2 ½ years at my asawa’s residence on the mango province at her property before moving to Iloilo and living there for two years before moving back to Guimaras. I didn’t have a name for our residence in our subdivision near Iloilo City.)  The following picture was taken in front of brother-in-law Joery’s sari sari store, located in the front yard of “The Compound,”  and features some of the group that attended a recent Christmas party there.

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Dirty Kitchens in the Philippines

Dirty kitchens in the Philippines are not necessarily a reflection of a homeowner’s housekeeping habits.  I remember my Mom and Grandma keeping extremely clean kitchens back in the States where I grew up in the Midwest. My Aunt Mary, God bless her, however, who insisted on only being address as “Mary,” was a different story.

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Looking for Lots for Sale in the Philippines

Regular readers of Philippines Plus will know that my lovely asawa and I have moved back to Guimaras, the premier mango province of the Philippines located in Western Visayas. After spending two years on nearby Panay Island near the big city of Iloilo, we decided to make the move back to my wife’s home province.

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Guimaras H.S. Students Hang Out at Local Sari Sari Stores During School Hours

It was Card Day at Santa Teresa High School in Guimaras. My niece DenDen, who lives at my asawa's home at “The Compound.” Our niece Shaina, and nephew Sharwin, who reside with us at “The Farm,” also attend this educational facility.

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Mud Wrestling with Lolo in the Rice Fields

Living with Lolo, my father-in-law, is an adventure. The 81-year-old grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He spends his days outside sweeping or pulling weeds. It keeps his mind occupied. Lolo will talk to Fernando Poe, Jr. or spontaneously sing songs he has composed. Most times he is content to do that.

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