Pretty Pinays Populate Philippines Pageant

Beauty contests in the Philippines are as common as cow poop on our local roads. Even before Pia Wurtzbach, a German-Filipino model, won the 2015 Miss Universe title, pageant competitions were extremely popular. “Pretty Pinays Populate Philippines Pageant” documents a recent  visit my lovely asawa and I made to a local beauty contest, Miss Talangban 2018. Talangban is located in the municipality of Sibunag, Guimaras.

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Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines

lots of people on the beach at boracay

It’s almost 2:00 pm. The temperature is hovering around 33°C, 92° F, with a “feels like” temperature of 39°C, 102°F. The humidity is a “mild” 54%. “Mild” because the average annual humidity in our island province of Guimaras is around 86%. “Another Summer Day in a Paradise Called the Philippines.”

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Celian Seafoods Resto, Guimaras: New Expat Hangout


It was time for a change. A contingent of expats that reside in Guimaras, the island province we call home, decided to visit a new eatery this past Friday evening. While most of the group, including this author, “The Kano,” have been dropping in at “Oliva’s Kitchen” for the past couple of months, some of us desired a changed.

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Guimaras Town is Pilot Area for Market Tourism

Market day in Guimaras

The Alibhon Public Market (“New Site”) in Jordan, Guimaras will serve as the pilot area for market tourism, which is a new product of the Department of Tourism (DOT-6.) Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and other regional tourism directors are expected to attend the launch. DOT-6 has identified 20 markets all over the region for the market tourism initiative, with Jordan as the first to respond to the invitation of the department.

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Mind-Boggling Miracle at The Crossing

I’ve lived in the Philippines for over eight years. Aside from 18 months spent in Iloilo, my asawa and I have lived in Guimaras. My wife was born and raised in this island province known for the sweetest mangoes in the world. Occasionally, I’ll witness events that boggle my fat “kano” head. This past Thursday evening, around 8:30 pm, was one such occasion I like to call the “Miracle at The Crossing.”

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10 Best Free Android Apps in the Philippines

As regular readers of Philippines Plus already know, this site’s main contributor, The Crusty Old Expat, is retired. Over eight years ago I moved to the Philippines with my lovely Filipina wife of over 18 years. Although I’ve maintained this website for almost eight years, I still have plenty of free time on my hands. My spouse, niece, nephew and live-in-domestic helper do the bulk of the chores here. Thus, I had time to check out this article from Vines by Price.price.com: 10 Best Free Android Apps in the Philippines.”

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