PNP Profiling/Protection Program for Foreigners in Guimaras

Philippine National Police Guimaras

Two of my foreigner friends on our island province of Guimaras were recently visited by law enforcement officers from the Philippine National Police. “What was the reason for the visit?” one of the expats asked? He was informed that the call was only for the protection of foreigners in Guimaras. 

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The Continuing Philippines Domestic Helpers Saga

My lovely Filipina asawa, spouse, and I retired to the Philippines over eight years ago. Though we maintained a household of four to six people my hardworking wife did most of the housework herself. We had nieces and a nephew residing with us but the kids weren’t available to help out with chores during the week as they had to attend school.

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Guimaras Expats Hotspot: Oliva’s Kitchen

The Crusty Old Expat and his lovely asawa have been dining every Friday night at the hotspot for Guimaras expats: Oliva’s Kitchen.  On our tiny island province of about 163,000 residents, Oliva’s Kitchen is the best restaurant on the island. Here’s why:

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Late Night Karaoke Ban Looming in the Philippines

A tower of speakers at the Guimaras fiesta

Will a new bill being discussed in the Philippines House of Representatives finally end late night karaoke sessions in the Philippines? Anyone that have lived in the archipelago has been exposed to extreme noise pollution coming from local fiestas, birthday parties, loudspeakers, karaoke bars, etc. It’s a law that’s been long overdue in the Philippines. 

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Crackdown on Foreigners in Aklan/Boracay?

beautiful boracay sunset

Is there an impending crackdown on foreigners in Aklan/Boracay? According to a report in the Panay News, such a clampdown on undocumented aliens in Aklan province could be imminent. Aklan is home to the world famous white sand beaches of Boracay, recently noted by Philippine President Duterte as a “cesspool.”

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Guimaras-Iloilo Boatmen Shocked by Surprise Drug Test

pump boats at Ortiz in Iloilo

The Panay News had some attention-grabbing news recently. Subjected to a shock were local boatmen in Guimaras, our island province. Scheduled at 9:00 am this past Tuesday meeting was a meeting for all motorboat crews at the Buenavista wharf. However, imagine their surprise when the boat teams discovered they had to submit their urine for a random drug test.

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Brit Issues Apology for Insulting Bacolod Traffic Enforcer

A British bloke, Benjamin James Oates, 39, issued a public apology before media members this past Tuesday. That’s Oates in the lead photo with the horseshoe, biker, moustache reminiscent of Paul Sr. from “American Chopper.” Seated next to the apologetic limey is Bacolod Traffic Authority Office, BTAO, head Luisito Acebuche. (Lead photo credit: Panay News and AKSYON RADYO, Bacolod.)

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Just another Day in Paradise

swimsuit beauties manggahan

It’s tough living in utopia. I don’t have a job where bosses bark out orders and raise my blood pressure. There’s no commute to work on I-55 where road rage incidents are more prolific than political speeches on Oscars night.  Yep, I’ve been on “cloud nine” for over eight years now. Now, it’s just another day in “paradise.”

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Upcoming Abolishment of PhilHealth


The Manila Standard reports the government will eliminate PhilHealth and replace it with the Philippine Health Security Office.  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced the new healthcare program would provide all Filipinos with universal health care. Congress under House Bill 5784 approved the new plan, which will now be called the National Health Security Program.

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