Joery and Alida

My brother-in-law Joery turned 37 the other day. Joery is married to my wife’s sister Alida. Alida turned 31 two days later. Joery and Alida along with my nieces Din-Din & Amiel, and nephew Joriel live in the nipa hut that he constructed in our front yard several years ago. He is a quiet, hardworking guy, always smiling, very pleasant, doesn’t understand much of my English, but I know a lot less of his language. He used to work as a bank security guard in Iloilo several years ago, but that job went away. A lot of things are political here (sound familiar), and sometimes you have to push some pesos to people to keep a job or to get one (sounds like some of our old Illinois governors George Ryan, and Blago, huh?)

Road Stripers and Bert’s Barber Shop

Made the trip to Iloilo again. Nice gentlemen that directs the departing jeepneys points me to the front seat of our jeepney so I can ride shotgun and have more room. “Salamat, po!”I say. (Thank you, sir; “po” meaning a title of respect for either gender.) I like that guy. I’ll have to tip him some time.DSC

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The Airport Vultures

Continuing from yesterday’s blog about the wild ride to the Iloilo airport, the wife Melinda and I prepared to wait for her sister Marjorie’s flight to arrive. Her plane was due to touch down at 3:30 pm on a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila. We park our butts in an outside shaded waiting area with armed airport security hovering around. You are not allowed inside the airport without a ticket valid for that day. Right in front of us “the vultures” are perched.Cebu Pacific

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Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Picked up Melinda’s sister Marjorie (see following photo) from Iloilo International Airport yesterday. Marjorie is doing fine. Seems like her employer in Saudi Arabia (please see previous blog) was worried that she would go to the Philippines Embassy in Jeddah, and the Embassy would investigate why Marjorie’s place of employment was not in Jeddah as stated in her employment contract; instead she was taken from a home in Jeddah, and whisked away outside the city to a remote area which was prohibited.

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The Wife Doesn’t Kill Me


[smartads]Whew! As I was looking over yesterday's blog that I had already posted about the Ricky Reyes salon visit, the wife came up behind me and saw the picture with her and the Heat Wave Contraption!!! It was too late to close the screen! I was trapped like a jeepney on a flooded street in Iloilo during a typhoon! Sainted Patient Wife Melinda asked why did I put that picture in. If I had to put a picture in why not use the picture of her in the Heat Wave Contraption where she is not making a face (like that one was more flattering!) She was pretty upset.



Feelin’ the Heat at Ricky Reyes

[smartads]I know what you're thinking. What in the world is this contraption Sainted Patient Wife is attached to? Looks like something out of a 1950's Sci Fi B Movie. (And this may be my last blog because the Wife does not know I'm posting this picture!) Let me tell you about our trip to Ricky's yesterday.

Ricky Reyes is the "Hair Majesty" of th e Philippines. Known all over the 7,000+ islands. An icon. So when Melinda and I went to SM City in Iloilo yesterday she said she wanted to go to the Ricky Reyes Salon here. Sure, I said, without hesitating one bit. Got to keep the wife happy (you married guys understand.)





To Pee Or Not To Pee

Thankfully I don’t have to be politically correct in my blog, because I don’t know that it is PC to write about peeing. I’m talking about peeing in public, here in the Philippines. As I have said before, I just try to observe daily life in the Philippines from my viewpoint. I write about. That’s it.DSC

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Living Cheap, Living Well, Living with Roosters

[smartads]Thought it time for a bit lighter blog today. First of all thanks to my friend and fellow Bonehead, Jay Grim, from back home at Springfield, IL. for his recent comment on this blog. Jay was a fellow co-worker (if you want to call what we did work), and good guy. Also heard from another Springfield celebrity, Dave Bakke, columnist from the State Journal-Register in Springfield, IL.. Dave is going to do a story on Sainted Wife and Boss Melinda and I. Should be in this coming Sunday's paper. I love Dave Bakke's columns, always witty & interesting. Check out his stuff at http://www.sj-r.com/DSC

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Grandma Kills the Lizard

A few blogs ago I told the story about the big lizard in the kitchen which my wife was able to coax back outside of an open kitchen window. We have no window screens here. The lizard, called tuko, or gecko to us, made another appearance the other night during a “brown out” (don’t call them “blackouts” here, and we have about five or six a week, on one day alone a few weeks ago we had five. ) The tuko calls at night with “tuko…tuko…tuko!” I tell you, it sounds like something the size of an alligator when you hear it outside your window at night. Actually it gets to maybe 10 to 12 inches in length, and maybe 5 inches in width, but when you first see that thing in your house, and you are not used to seeing such a creature in your home, it does give you a bit of a jolt.

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