Aswang Attack in the Philippines Revisted!

  Aswang attack in the Philippines revisted.  What better time to check out a story I did last year which was a true eyewitness account of an aswang (a type of Filipino witch) that I wrote about in my first blog, "The Rooster Crows at 4am!" I've reprinted the story in my new website, PhilippinesPlus.com. … Read moreAswang Attack in the Philippines Revisted!

Is There a Good Hot Dog in the Philippines!

Sitting in the “Compound” kitchen this morning drinking my cup of tea. As I was enjoying the quiet solitude of the early morning without the loud, abrasive noise of my poor, almost deaf mother-in-law's static-spewing radio, I started reflecting on what I was going to write about today, and it struck me. Are there any good hot dogs in the Philippines? Since moving to our rural province of Guimaras last July 2009, I have yet to find a hot dog that suits my kano taste buds.DSC

Broadban problems with Smart Bro in the Philippines

Had some broadband  troubles in the Philippines with Smart Bro, my wireless broadband service. My  Internet connection was down this morning in our rural Guimaras province of the Philippines.  Dialed *1888 and reached a pleasant recorded Filipina voice  and tried to  to enter my service reference number which is different than my account number.

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Lizard Poop! in Iraq!


A BIG "Lizard Poop!" Shout out to everyone at Camp Basra in Iraq and to faithful "Lizard Poop!" supporter, Ralph! Received a comment from Ralph yesterday, and it warmed my heart to know that the "poop" even has some readers in Iraq.  I salute Ralph and all of the troops and the American contract workers stationed at Camp Basra and throughout all of Iraq. Job well done!

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Cost of a Movie Date in the Philippines

My Twelve Dollar Movie Date in the Philippines and the Litchfield SkyView Drive-In! Took my wife on a movie date yesterday at SM City in Iloilo to see "The Expendables." I don't call it a movie date as such to my wife because I'm an "old school" kind of insensitive guy. But for some reason, my wife loves me anyway. Litchfield IL - Skyview Drive-In

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Transportation Costs in the Philippines

Transportation costs in the Philippines. I Don't Need a Vehicle in the Philippines! Well, at least not in Guimaras, the rural province in the Philippines that I live in with my  beautiful Filipina wife. Transportation costs are so cheap that at this point it makes no sense to have a car/vehicle payment or maintenance, gasoline, and vehicle insurance costs. Jeepneys and tricycles  are the main modes of transportation on our tropical paradise for the majority of residents in Guimaras.DSC

Kicking Back and Watching Sons of Anarchy in the Philippines!

Been watching a new American television show, “Sons of Anarchy”, that showed up recently on one of our cable channels in the Philippines. It’s kind of reminds me of what it  would be like if  “The Sopranos” had a motorcycle gang in northern California. It’s gritty, tough, intense, and hard-hitting. I love it. Just glad we don’t have a Filipino motorcycle gang roaming our quiet streets of San Miguel in Guimaras. Let me tell you, that the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Chapter (SAMCRO) is packed with some mean hombres. Ron Perlman plays the president of the club, and Ketay Sagal portrays his wife.
Sons of Anarchy

Living in the Philippines


Been trading messages on Facebook with an old friend of mine back in the States.  He asked if I was still living in the Philippines.  I had not heard from him for years and was glad to hear that he also recently retired and escaped the rat race like I did last year.  Dave, my friend, saw an article about my wife and I moving to the Philippines last year in our local newspaper, and he wondered how I was faring here.DSC

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The Strongest Storm in the World Leaves the Philippines!

    Super typhoon Megi is leaving the Philippines and heading for China. The typhoon had sustained winds of 225km/h (140 mph) and gusts of up to 260km/h (162 mph.) At this time, 10 people have lost their lives and 19 were injured. Casualties could have been far greater, but that is small consolation to … Read moreThe Strongest Storm in the World Leaves the Philippines!