Early Retirement in the Philippines

Are you saving for retirement? If you’re reading this website, chances are you’re planning an early retirement in the Philippines or you already live in this archipelago of 7,107 islands in Southeast Asia.  But you need money to survive, right? Most people don’t want to run out of cash or blow their savings in a few short months and get stuck in a strange foreign country. But it happens.

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For Sale by Owner

We’re house hunting in the Philippines. Sort of. In August 2014 we’ll be able to access our IRA account which currently provides the bulk of our monthly income. The money earned over the past few years from our investments will enable us to pay cash for our new home. No more renting. No house payments.

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A Future American Expat in the Philippines

Enjoyed a recent visit from a future American expat that will be living in the Philippines. The Sainted Patient Wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve and his lovely asawa, Loretta, at The Moon Cafe in Iloilo City. 

Steve is planning to retire to the Philippines and has been a longtime supporter of this website. His past donations to this site are sincerely and gratefully appreciated. He also  sprung for lunch and a few bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen served in frosty mugs. That’s always a treat for a retired American expat like myself living in the Philippines.

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The Kano and The Firecracker Kid

Firecrackers. The Philippines. They go hand in hand in this Southeast Asian archipelago. With the holiday season already in full swing, it won’t be long before the loud pop and crack, spark and sizzle of fireworks will be heard on a daily basis. Beats the sound of gunfire, I suppose.

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Papa Duck in the Philippines: The Conclusion

Future American expat Papa Duck,  his girlfriend Ann, my asawa, Scott B, niece Michelle and I were trying to get back to Iloilo. The rain was coming down. We’re in Mango Land, Guimaras.  I don’t know if we’ll make it to the Jordan Wharf in time or not for the last pump boat back home.

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