Lots of Ladyboys and Scammers on DateinAsia!

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Do I have an obsession with ladyboys in the Philippines? Rest assured, I am a heterosexual happily married to a beautiful Filipina.  But as I was researching dating sites and scammers in the Philippines,  DateinAsia, kept popping up in my Google search. You can  view who is online without becoming a member or registering,  so I did a search and found a bunch of ladyboys on the Philippines that were “online now” and looking for love.  It was kind of scary!Janice Garcia

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Duwende Responsible for Leaving Our Lights On!

Latest electric bill for January 2011 at "The Compound" in Guimaras was only P1,580.55 (35.81 US Dollars.) Not bad for a family of five, and one of the lowest bills we've had since moving to the Philippines in July 2009. Our December 2010 bill was P2,236.84 (50.61 USD),  November bill P2,666.23 (60.31 USD),  October bill P1,617.39 (36.58 USD),  and our September bill was a whopping P3,506.01 (79.32 USD) up from a charge of only P1,204.91 (27.26 USD) in August. Our local power company in Guimaras, Guimelco,  increased our bill in September due to the buying of power from Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development. When you're on a fixed income as we are,  the difference in the higher bills can really impact our budget. Lawn Gnomes

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Philippines Hospitals CANNOT Imprison You for Non Payment

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According to the Constitution of the Philippines “no one shall be imprisoned for nonpayment of debt or poll tax.” It is common practice in the Philippines to hold patients hostage until their bill is fully paid. I know from personal experience. When you have a guard armed with a shotgun at the exit of a hospital that has to scrutinize your officially paid receipt before you can leave, it does prompt one to pay that bill in full before checking out.  A recent column in the Inquirer Lifestyle pointed out that such hospitals are in violation of the Constitution.  What can one do if you find yourself with an unpaid balance as you try to leave your Philippines hospital?

Bridget Suarez Sexy Nurse

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Jobs in the Philippines

Saw a recent advertisement in a Filipino newspaper about a Job Fair being offered recently for those seeking jobs in the Philippines, Filipino jobs or those living in the Philippines seeking jobs overseas.  Here's what some of the recruiters were looking for: financial executives, area sales managers, operations managers, accounting generalists, HR supervisors, system engineers, performance maximization managers, management trainees, front desk specialists, nurses, quality assurance specialists, telemarketers and sales representatives, admin assistants, architects, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, network administrators, IT technicians, programmers, data encoders, customer service representatives, credit and collection, billing assistant, courier, operations agent, recruitment analysts, receptionists, accountant, store managers, librarians, agent sales coordinators, and call center agents.Seeking job

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Shabu Ring Busted in Iloilo Flea Market!

Shabu, the poor man's cocaine (crystal meth) was being sold in a flea market in nearby Iloilo. The locals started complaining, and agents from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, PDEA, stepped in and busted five boneheads suspects sniffing the crap.  That according to a report in the Journal Online, January 27,2011 edition.toys for sale

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How Come Everything in the Philippines Is So Sweet?


The Philippines. Guimaras province where my patient  Filipina  wife and I live. Nearby Iloilo.  Everywhere I go in my new home of 7,107 islands I am subject to extremely sweet sauces on spaghetti, hamburgers, ketchup, and just about any other condiment or sauce you can think of. I wouldn't doubt if they put Sweet Blend ketchup in our dog's food bowl here at "The Compound." Jollibee!!

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Philippines Tourism Up 17% in 2010 Despite It’s Wild Wild West Image!

Despite the Manila Hostage "Rescue" Fiasco last August, the Philippines saw an 17 percent increase of tourists in 2010, with 740,622 Koreans topping the list with 21 percent of the total. This according to the Philippine Tourist Department in an article from the Manila Standard Today. That's a fantastic boost for Philippines tourism!hindi na kabayo uso ngayon sa mga cowgirls =p

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Want to Learn Some Gestures Used in the Philippines?

If you're an American expat like me living in the Philippines, you're probably not that familiar with all the common gestures the locals may use. Although I've been married to my beautiful Filipina wife for 11 years and have lived in the Philippines since July 2009,  this video was a good refresher course for me. … Read moreWant to Learn Some Gestures Used in the Philippines?

A “Golden” Philippines Business Opportunity!

Had a visitor at "The Compound" in Guimaras the other day who I later found out was offering my asawa a "golden" Philippines business opportunity.  The visitor, a distant relative of my spouse, an older lady who I went out to say "hello" to from our front porch, has a son that works on a fishing boat off the coast of Malaysia.gold e

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