Cirrhosis of the Liver: Our Filipino Trike Driver

Grim Reaper

Death. We all eventually face it. If you’re a Christian and have followed the straight and narrow path, chances are you’ve got a good chance of meeting Jesus. If you’re Shirley MacLaine you might be reincarnated and come back as a beautiful bluebird, happily chirping away or  you could return as a festering pimple on some old geezer’s flabby fat ass. I’ll opt for the bluebird. If you’re a Catholic you’ll be twiddling your thumbs in purgatory hoping someone will light enough candles and recite enough prayers for you to escape. If you’re a professed atheist, you’re finished. You don’t believe in anything so I guess you’ll end up as a pile of nothingness as you hum “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas for eternity. I’ve known of three people that have developed cirrhosis of the liver since moving to the Philippines over five years ago. Two of them died. Now the third,  our Filipino trike driver,  is holed up at the local Guimaras provincial hospital for the past few weeks and is diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a grim disease, often fatal.

Grim Reaper                                                                                       The Grim Reaper: Graphic Source: Butterfunk.com


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Philippine Airlines: The Best and Cheapest

Waiting for my airplane at NAIA

Philippine Airlines: The Best and Cheapest. I’ve used the services of Philippines Airlines, PAL, and Cebu Pacific in the past.  During my recent trip to the United States, however, I flew to Las Vegas on Korean Air. The service on both PAL and Korean Air, which handle international flights, is first class. Cebu Pacific has several international flights but the bulk of their business is focused on domestic flights within the Philippines. Their service? As far as I’m concerned, less than stellar.

Philippines Airlines

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New Videos from the Philippines: Chainsaws and Old Geezers.

Funny Sexy And Awesome Cosplay

YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees on February 25. 2005. Now, nine years later, I’m finally posting new videos from the Philippines on YouTube. I call this offering: “Chainsaws and Old Geezers.”  I’ve been writing about living in the Philippines since August 2009. I’ve posted a few videos on this website but until recently, I’ve never released as many as I have today.

sexy chainsaw modelJuliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) cosplayed by Ophélie Jones

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Current Crime Capers Clamp Down on Mango Land

mango land guimaras

Guimaras used to be the least crime free province in the Western Visayas. The mango province only posted a crime volume of 128 and average monthly crime rate of 10.63 for the period January to July 2013, which were considered the lowest in Western Visayas. But current crime capers now chow down on Mango Land, Guimaras. Attempted murders, strong-armed robberies and burglaries now litter the landscape of this once peaceful province, where my asawa and I moved to over five years ago. We’ve also spent two years on nearby Panay Island, where we do the bulk of our shopping in Illoilo City, a metropolis of over 400,000 people with an understandably higher crime rate than our island province which has approximately 163,000 residents and 100 times the number of dogs, lizards, chickens and roosters.

Big mango at Jordan Wharf Visitor's Center in Guimaras

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What’s Your Plan for Moving to the Philippines?

cabaling beach guimaras

Chances are if you’re reading this article, there’s a strong possibility you’re considering retiring to the Philippines. What’s your plan for moving to the Philippines? I hope you have one. Moving to this archipelago of 7,107 islands without a detailed strategy once your boots hit the ground is about as smart as tugging on Superman’s cape. If you believe you can find a job in the Philippines, even though you might have a skill such as a carpenter or a plumber, I want whatever you’re smoking. Moving here with unrealistic expectations and no guaranteed source of monthly income is a gargantuan mistake. Frankly,  you can save yourself a lot of grief and stay put.

Raymen Beach in Guimaras

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You’re NOT in Kansas Anymore, Toto! Brian Purrone, Jr.

guest post

A warm welcome to Brian Purrone Jr., a new guest contributor to Philippines Plus. Brian is  43 years old and works as an industrial millwright in the very cold and wet Oregon. He started to travel to the Philippines in 2013 and has visited twice. On his last trip he met his   beautiful fiancée Joycel  who just recently landed here on a K-1 Visa! Congratulations, Brian and Joyce! Thanks to Brian for the following article and he promises to share some of his stories regarding the K-1 Visa process. Please leave a comment and welcome Brian to the fold.

Brian and Joyce

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Materials for the New Nipa Hut in the Philippines Are Secured

mango tree

My asawa, along with our brother-in-law Joery, and nephew Sherwin, recently visited my father-in-law’s property located in Lawi, Guimaras, my wife’s homeplace where she grew up with no electricity, no running water and dirt floors. Lolo has extensive land holdings, over 2,500 acres, 1,035 hectares. His property is covered with mango, coconut, cashew, mahogany, hitang hitang and banana trees. Bamboo grows all over. Material for the new hut in the Philippines are now secured as my wife and Joery picked out several hitang hitang trees along with an aging, massive mango tree that is dying but will provide us with a unique wood for the floors of our new residence.

mango tree guimaras

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Plans for Our New House in the Philippines Are Forging Ahead

rice fields guimaras

The plans for our new house in the Philippines are forging ahead.  Yesterday, my asawa and I met with Boy, a local contractor from Guimaras. Boy comes highly recommended and has built several residences for foreigners on our mango province. Our brother-in-law, Joery, along with a crew of three men, will begin work on our father-in-law’s nipa hut first. The nipa hut will be the location where our initial electrical service will be provided. It’s best to start applying for new service early. There are several utility poles already located near our property so hopefully our electrical service will be provided before our new house is built, which could take five to six months.

rice field on our guimaras propertyRice field on our property

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Calling All Wordsmiths, Reporters and Contributors

monty the iceman

Calling all wordsmiths, reporters, columnists and contributors and other general writers of stuff. Interested in promoting your new website or have an opinion to express that is too wordy for the comments section? Well, Philippines Plus wants you! I’ve been authoring this website for over five years and frankly, I would like to see some other viewpoints and perspectives expressed here. As long as your topic deals with the Philippines and doesn’t contain any profanities or personal attacks, I would be happy to publish it on this website.

Monty and the Ice MachineMonty and the ice machine

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