Robinsons Recycling Bag Flaunts Hitler Images

Only in the Philippines would one find a recycling bag, whose stated goal on the tote is to “…save the Marvels of the Earth,” decorated with images of Adolf Hitler in close proximity to  Filipino national hero José Rizal. Thanks to my American expat friend, Tom, living in nearby Guimaras who alerted me to this.  Since my asawa and I had to visit our local Robinsons in Iloilo City, I decided to check out this story personally.

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Better Quality of Life in Iloilo

Ilonggos enjoy a better quality of life, at least in two targeted areas,  compared to other provinces in Western Visayas, the region of the Philippines my asawa and I reside.  That’s according to a 2009 Human Development Index study recently released by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) published in  the Sun Star Iloilo.Chinese New Year at The Atrium in Iloilo City

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American Expat Tour in Iloilo City

Another American expat tour in Iloilo City. This time with a special guest. My asawa. The Sainted Patient Wife. After accompanying me to the Bureau of Immigration, my long suffering spouse decided to submit to another trial of patience and join my friend Scott B and I as we made another trip to the wharf in “The City of Love.” As I noted in my previous post,  she must be extremely bored.Police in Iloilo City

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The Asawa Joins Me for Visit to the Iloilo Immigration Office

My asawa must have been bored. She volunteered to go with me to the Immigration Bureau Office in Iloilo City. I had to make my annual report as a foreigner. Breezy warm day. Temperature 28° C  (82.4 F) and 89% humidity. Arrived around 10 am. The place was crammed with people, the majority of them Filipino. Fortunately the air con was working. Only two people waiting in the facility last year at this time. I knew we were in for a long wait.Bureau of Immigration in Iloilo

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Iloilo City’s Record Low Brownout

Brownouts in the Philippines. As common as empty bottles of Red Horse littering the landscape after a fiesta. I’ve complained about power outages before on this website. Did a post last June about this frustrating problem.  Had twice as many power failures in our Savannah Subdivision as opposed to the time we lived in nearby Guimaras. But last month, January 2013, was a record low amount of actual down time for us. Only three outages that lasted a total of seven minutes. I was shocked. Last January we had three incidents but they totaled over 14 hours. One was over 12 hours long. 

Electric meters in Guimaras

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Is Iloilo City Still Exciting after the Dinagyang Festival Ends?

The 2013 Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City has ended. Everything is back to normal. The Sun Star Iloilo stated that more than 1.5 million people enjoyed this premier festival of the Philippines. More than 200 metric tons of garbage had to be cleaned up from along the parade route. I didn't go to the party. I'm not good around crowds.  I'm so anti-social that Facebook almost didn't take me.  I was so desparate that I almost considered joining Friendster if FB had rejected me. 

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Balut and Beer: American Expats in the Philippines

Heard the Midwest was having a cold snap. January can get bitterly cold. We actually had a low near 64 degrees last week in Iloilo City. My asawa said it was the first time she had felt chilly since we moved to the Philippines over three years ago. Me? I did my usual morning walk around 3 am in my tank top, shorts and slippers. A cool refreshing breeze smacked me in the face. It almost reminded me of  autumn back in Illinois. The local Filipinos were walking around in jackets and hooded sweatshirts that day. 

Balut and beer in Iloilo

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American Expats Tour Iloilo City


As a follow-up to my last post, “Iloilo City: The Best Place to Live in the Philippines!,”  I decided to bring my asawa’s Sony Cyber Shot camera with me this past Monday as I made a trip to the KFC at Robinson’s. I was going to meet my American expat friend, Scott B and wanted some possible photos of preparations for the upcoming Dinagyang Festival.  Scott’s favorite new hang-out in “The City of Love” is the wharf area not far from the Bureau of Customs and Immigration Department. 

Welcome to Iloilo City

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Iloilo City: The Best Place to Live in the Philippines!

The City of Iloilo, the regional center of Western Visayas, with a population of over 425,000 (not including stray dogs and roosters) has to be the greatest place to live in the Philippines. At the turn of the 20th century, Iloilo City was second to Manila, with stores along Calle Real selling luxury products from all over the world, an agricultural experimental station established at La Paz in 1888, a school of arts and trades which opened in 1891, and a telephone network system operating in 1894 (source: Wikipedia.)

Iloilo City girl

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