ILECO’s Substandard Service in Savannah Subdivison, Iloilo

ILECO's substandard service in Savannah Subdivison, Iloilo, where we reside, is an ongoing problem that is increasingly worsening. I long for the days when I complained about 44 brownouts we experienced from late October 2011 through late June 2012 in a post titled Iloilo's bothersome brownouts.ILECO

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Leaving Iloilo

Leaving Iloilo. Next year. Why? Lolo’s  Alzheimer’s. No water. Constant brown outs. After nearly two years in “The City of Love,” and four years since moving to the Philippines, my asawa and I have decided to move back to her home province of Guimaras.  I’m fine with that.

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Our Filipino Fashion Model

Our 14-year-old nephew, Sharwen, seen in the lead photo, is headed for a career as a fashion model,  a sort of Filipino “Farina” from “Our Gang.”  Thanks to some late night shenanigans from his cousins, April and Michelle (also seen in the picture), our nephew has been subjected to hair styling sessions which he seemed to be a willing participant in. 


Filipino nephew Sharwen the Filipino Farina

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Healthcare Clinics in the Philippines: St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo Gets Major Upgrade

Healthcare clinics and hospitals in this archipelago should be an area of concern for any American expat or other foreigners living in the Philippines.  If you have any health issues before moving to any of the 7,107 islands on this paradise, it would be a good idea for you to research what facilities are available in the area you plan to move to. My asawa and I haven’t been to a doctor in Iloilo for over two years now, save for one visit last year my spouse made to a local EENT to fish out, well, a fish bone out of her throat.The Filipina Fishbone Fiasco

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Another Hot Laundry Lady Replaced

Laundry? I’ve washed my hands of the whole mess. We already replaced one hot laundry lady  last September. This March we were using a drop off laundry located in our subdivision. No more. After some articles of clothes went missing, I made an executive decision. Find a new laundry lady. Preferably one that did not spit like our first one did.

Laundry day for Misa Campo (And if you think this pretty pinay was our former laundry lady, you need to take another hit of what you were smoking.)

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April, Telemarketer in the Philippines

My niece April is a telemarketer in the Philippines. The Urban Dictionary defines a telemarketer as “a heartless cretin making minimum wage whose job involves calling prospective clients to sell them goods or services they don’t want, can’t afford and have no use for.”


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Saving Money at the Wet Market in Iloilo City

Occasionally I get off my rotund rump, and go with my asawa to our local wet market in Iloilo.  The walk is close to a 90-minute round trip.  I make the effort to go with my spouse on Sunday mornings and actually carry on a conversation with her. It’s some quality time for us. (Photo source: funny411.com) … Read moreSaving Money at the Wet Market in Iloilo City

Jobs in the Philippines: April and Michelle Find Employment

Jobs in the Philippines are extremely difficult to find. With widespread age discrimination running rampant across this archipelago, my twin nieces, April and Michelle (seen in the following photo), age 19,  are fortunate to be in the prime hiring bracket. If you’re 30 or over, your chances of finding a job become that much more formidable. (The girls were bored last Sunday when we had another long brown out, over 10 hours, and since Michelle had an extra uniform, they decided to do this pose.)

 April and Michelle, Savemore uniforms

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The Aging American Expat in the Philippines

American Expat in the Philippines. Iloilo City. Retired. Lazy. Everybody does everything for me. Well, almost everything. I do pee on my own.  Living in “paradise.” Getting older. The Black Forest cake from the Red Ribbon bakery at SM City (see next photo) was purchased by my asawa to celebrate my recent 61st birthday. But I don’t mind getting older. I’m one step closer to collecting my Social Security. 

Red Ribbon cake

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