Boracay’s Sandy White Beach Christmas

December is the best time to be in Boracay because the beach is whiter, the sky bluer and the temperatures cooler. Boracay’s  Sandy White Beach Christmas. A great place to spend your Christmas holiday, don’t you think? (Lead photo credit: CruiseHive)


I’m Dreaming of Boracay’s Sandy White Beach Christmas

My asawa and I have been to the fabulous white sand beaches of Boracay on two previous occasions. While we’ll be spending this Christmas in Guimaras, the island province we call home, visions of a white beach Christmas in Boracay dance around in my fat head.

Imagine standing on the beach at some Boracay resort witnessing one of their absolutely stunning sunsets during Christmas time. Our friends in the Midwest, meanwhile, will probably be suffering through sub-zero temperatures and shoveling snow off their driveways.

Here’s a few photos of sunsets I took on the beach earlier this year. Something you won’t find back in Central Illinois where I grew up, especially during the winter.

Boracay sunset






Christmas on the Beach

As far as ambiance goes, Boracay might not fulfill your dreams of a snowy White Christmas. One holiday visitor remarked that only a few trees, plastic snowmen and Christmas lights littered the landscape.

But Boracay had the usual laid-back beach vibe.

Betty Tianco over at  noted the crowds were thinner at Christmas, mostly families and couples.

No Christmas events were scheduled, except for the requisite buffets and packages (the going rate was around P1,200 per person for a Christmas Eve meal, 24 US Dollars.)

Tianco noted that the locals said all the action takes place on New Year’s Eve instead. Every year the hotels and resorts try to outdo each other with fireworks displays (some on the beach, and some reportedly set off from rafts adrift offshore.)

Cruise ships also put anchor off the coast to watch the festivities during New Year’s Eve. The partying that comes with the New Year evidently suits Boracay’s nightlife more than the more family-oriented traditions of Christmas.

I’m Dreaming of Boracay’s Sandy White Beach Christmas in the Future

Smaller crowds appeals to me. We’re not party animals by any means. A trip to Boracay during Christmas time sounds tempting to me. It certainly would make for a unique holiday experience.

And it beats shoveling snow any time!

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