Speeding Guimaras Jeepneys Crash; 17 injured

“Speeding Guimaras Jeepneys Crash; 17 injured” is a post that doesn’t come as any surprise to me. Nor to any of the expats on Guimaras that witnessed the aftermath of the accident. Reckless driving by two local jeepney drivers resulted in 17 passengers being dispatched to the local Provincial Hospital.

According to a report in Panay News the drivers of two speeding public utility jeepneys, PUJs, were racing each other last Friday, November 10th, around 3:50 pm.

The “John Lawrence” and the “J Brothers” jeepneys had left Jordan Wharf in Guimaras and were headed for San Miguel, Jordan.

Both jeepneys had the same route – Jordan-Nueva Valencia

jeepney in Guimaras loaded up with school kids on top

Speeding Guimaras Jeepneys Crash; 17 injured

The jeepney drivers were identified as 47-year-old Dominador Diamante (“John Lawrence”) and 40-year-old Danny Sabid (“J Brothers.”) Both men are residents of Barangay Napandong, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras according to Senior Inspector Edwin Belarmino.

“J Brothers” was trying to overtake “John Lawrence” at around 3:50 p.m. on Friday when Sabid saw an incoming truck, Belarmino said, according to reports from passengers.

“J Brothers” crashed against “John Lawrence” when Sabid tried to maneuver it back to the proper lane. Both jeepneys fell on their side as a result, said Belarmino.

Irresponsible Drivers Face Charges

“Both drivers were liable to their passengers,” stressed Belarmino. “What happened was proof of their negligence.”

Diamante and Sabid were detained at the Jordan police station custodial facility.

They are facing charges for reckless imprudence resulting to multiple frustrated homicide.

“I warn all drivers of public utility vehicle against racing against each other,” Belarmino said. “They are supposed to protect the lives of their passengers.”

Dangerous  Jeepney Drivers in Guimaras

Thankfully, my asawa and I don’t have to take the jeepneys to Jordan Wharf anymore. Pump boats ply the route from Jordan Wharf in Guimaras to Ortiz Dock in Iloilo on the Iloilo Strait.

If memory serves me correctly, the “John Lawrence” PUJ involved in the accident is emblazoned with a Los Angeles Lakers theme. I’ve seen it roaming around Guimaras for years.

And, I’ve also witnessed other irresponsible jeepney drivers who drive their smoke-belching PUJs way too fast. Many of our jeepneys in Guimaras load up their passengers on the roof of the PUJ such as the one seen in the following photograph.


That’s a daily occurrence in Guimaras where the existing rules and regulations for motorcyclists, tricycles and jeepneys are seldom enforced.

“Speeding Guimaras Jeepneys Crash; 17 injured.” Thankfully, no one was killed in this latest jeepney mishap, but unfortunately, I doubt that it will be the last accident involving a PUJ on our little island province.

Author: The Kano

POST AUTHOR: "THE KANO" aka "THE CRUSTY OLD EXPAT." Dave DeWall, "The Kano", is the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of "Philippines Plus" in publication since August 2009. He is also the CEO of Lizard Poop Productions and author of the best-selling guide book "The Philippines Expat Advisor." Dave moved to the Philippines in July 2009 from Central Illinois with his lovely wife of over 19 years, "The Sainted Patient Wife." The couple reside in a rural province in Western Visayas, Guimaras. The small island province is said to have the sweetest mangoes in the world. They do not have any children but are the proud owners of eight active canines, including a Belgian Shepherd called "Killer" "Killer" has bitten five people in the last two years along with one goat and a carabao. "Killer" doesn't like strangers. Or goats. Or carabaos.