Great Big Screen TV Value: TCL 65″UHD

Great Big Screen TV Value: TCL 65″UHD

We had a 60-inch big screen Sony television back in the States. Using a balikbayan box we shipped over a 25-inch Panasonic TV. The old school Panasonic was given to me as a service anniversary gift from AT&T, my former employer. It took almost seven years of living in the Philippines, but we now have a great big screen TV value: TCL 65″ UHD. It’s my dream TV.

The Ultra High Definition TV has a plethora of features.

TCL inch TV features

I can hook up our Wi-Fi connection and download videos and programming from the Internet. Watching high definition TV shows from our Cignal satellite system is a pure joy. We purchased the unit last year from Vic’s Imperial Showroom in nearby Iloilo City for about 1200 US Dollars.

The 65-inch TCL’s are selling for about 10,000 pesos, 200 bucks, cheaper online now and were priced much lower than the 65″ Sony and Samsung TV’s available.

Never heard of TCL?

Frankly, I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a TCL. We never owned one before and didn’t know much about their quality. TCL, which stands for “The Creative Life” is based in China and was established in 1981. TCL is China’s largest TV maker.

We have purchased Samsung television sets and other products from Vic’s Imperial before. Vic’s stands by their warranties and have a good reputation. The TCL set came with a one-year warranty and we haven’t had any problems whatsoever with the set.

Even a crusty old expat like me can figure out the numerous features on the set without too much difficulty.

Highly Recommend the TCL 65-inch UHD Television

I highly recommend the TCL 65-inch UHD television. If you’re looking for a good bargain and a quality big screen TV, this TCL model fits definitely fits the bill.

Here’s a look at our own TCL model that we showcase in a custom-built solid mahogany entertainment center in our living room.