Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme

boracay dining on the beach

“Boracay: Al Fresco Dining Supreme, “ today’s post, features photos from a recent trip we took to Boracay. My lovely asawa and I, along with two nieces and a nephew, decided to eat outside on the beach a couple of nights. We wanted to take advantage of the spectacular views at Station 2 on Boracay’s White Beach at a joint called the Globy Traveling Chef.

Dining at the Globy Traveling Chef

While the green algae that smothered the beaches back in April, the month we visited, were still prevalent, the setting sun and ambiance all made up for the algae nuisance. Check out the edge of the beach on the following photograph to see a tinge of green.

beautiful boracay sunset

While our crew waited for their dinner, I took the opportunity to snap the following shot. Everyone was relaxed and having a good time. There were still a plethora of sailboats out on the water enjoying the sunset, also.

boracay dining on the beach

The following picture catches our server in action. He’s bringing a couple of adult beverages along with some soft drinks for the kids. Service at Globy’s was excellent.

dining on the beach in boracay

The next picture catches our server in action. He’s bringing a couple of adult beverages along with some soft drinks and juice shakes for the kids while our food is being prepared.

our server on the beach


nieces and nephew boracay beach

The food has arrived! Our two nieces dig in to a chicken dish served with, what else, rice.

tasty pizza on boracay beach

I downed this pizza which was absolutely one of the best pizza dishes I’ve ever tasted. It was called Globy’s Pizza and featured ham, olives, capsicum, tomato, mushroom and garlic. At 450 pesos, nine US Dollars, it was well worth the price. And yes, dear readers, I devoured it all by myself though I might have given my spouse a slice.

international food on boracay beach

Here’s a look at Globy’s menu. Our total bill with drinks came to around 3,000 pesos, 60 bucks, but it was money well spent. If you’re looking for a great al fresco dining experience in Boracay, I highly recommend Globy’s.

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