Philippines Poopers Go Poof!

Philippines Poopers Go Poof!

Pooping. We all do it. Animals do it. From the day we leave our mother’s womb, we have the urge to defecate. But a recent story in The Daily Guardian dropped on me like a huge turd in a toilet bowl and inspired today’s post: “Philippines Poopers Go Poof!”

Guimaras Comfort Room

Where Have All the Poopers Gone?

Here’s the poop: the Iloilo Provincial Government recently received a notice from the Commission on Audit (COA): What’s happened to all the free toilets for a pooper project to aid provincial poor people?

The pooper project began in 2014 when the government allotted P5.05 million, about 250,000 US Dollars, for the purchase of 3,636 toilet bowls. Officials wanted to reduce the number of people pooping outside to address the problem of the lack of toilets in households.

National Pooping Goal in the Philippines

The pooper project was in response to the Local Government Unit Scorecard of Health indicating that only 80 percent of households in Iloilo had at least one proper toilet, way below the national target which is 91 percent.

The Provincial Health Office (PHO) was tagged to implement the project.

Philippines Poopers Go Poof!

Rappler.com reported that COA’s Value for Money audit discovered the intended beneficiaries did not receive the poopers. In fact, there are some which have yet to be distributed three years after the project was implemented.

The Commission on Audit stated “proper planning, logistics, timeline, monitoring and system of accountability were not established prior to implementation thus resulted in material wastage and unaccounted toilet bowls and bags of cement.”

COA auditors also discovered 28 toilet bowls and 56 bags of cement stashed in a warehouse.

The Commission on Audit revealed that the provincial government failed to submit the list of pre-determined beneficiaries. Also missing were any copies of the memorandum of agreements with the municipal and city governments.

A Load of Manure

The COA also discovered that “some of the toilet bowls were distributed simultaneously with the distribution of motor bancas…while some were granted to barangay officials…thus depriving the intended beneficiaries.”

So what happened to all the missing toilet bowls? The COA indicated that some of the poopers went to barangay officials.

Did some barangay personnel end up selling the toilets for their own personal gain? Wouldn’t be the first time some local politician padded their pockets. Or, could they be using them for their own personal Comfort Rooms?

Sounds like a load of horse manure to me.