Conclusion: Clash of the Filipina Maids

Conclusion: Clash of the Filipina Maids

The 21-year-old Filipina that we were considering to hire as a part-time maid left for her home after an interview with my wife. I then contacted my sister-in-law to inquire about a 60-year-old lady who was also looking for a job.

Decision Made

My asawa and I both had reservations about the much younger Filipina. Both of us agreed that we should speak to the 60-year-old pinay before the younger girl started working for us.

The following day my spouse went to my sister-in-law’s to interview the older Filipina, a friend of my sister-in-law’s current helper.

My asawa arrived home and felt the older lady, who could cook, would be a better fit for our part-time position. The 21-year-old pinay could not cook.

A text message was sent to the 21-year-old advising her we had changed our minds and hired a new helper who had cooking skills. We never heard any reply back.

Earth to “Mars”

The next Friday our new part-timer, “Mars”, arrived. Laundry day was already in full swing but our new older helper immediately pitched in and started assisting our full-time maid, “Lennie.”

“Mars” seemed to fit in and despite a penchant for occasionally glancing at our television when it was turned on, did her fair share of work. She filled in quite well on Sunday, Lennie’s day off, and we were pleased with her work ethic.


Our New Filipina Maids Clash

“Lennie” came back Monday from her Sunday day off and began sweeping. I informed her that “Mars” had already swept that area.

“But it’s dirty!” she exclaimed.

“So you’re going to do double work,” I responded in an irritable tone. “We hired two workers so they could do double work?”

I walked away and did what any red-blooded American macho man would do. I complained to my wife. After explaining my plight, my asawa assured me she would talk to “Lennie.” She did.

After my spouse left, I heard “Lennie” and “Mars” speaking in somewhat agitated tones. Our new Filipina maids clash. But there was no “cat fight” and the pair soon settled down. My asawa was outside working in her garden. I wisely kept out of the disagreement.

Peace and Love Permeates Our Home in the Philippines

“Lennie” and “Mars” are getting along quite well now. They both do the dishes and divide the household chores evenly. They both will soon be put to the test, however, as they’ll have to decide how to split the duties of taking care of my father-in-law.

My father-in-law, who lives in a nipa hut behind our new home in the Philippines, is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Our nephew, who dropped out of college last year, has been caring for his lolo (grandfather), bathing him and feeding him every day.

However, since our nephew plans to return to college next month, our two domestic helpers in the Philippines will have to take care of Lolo Monday through Friday.

It’s not a job I envy. Lolo is incontinent and has to have his diaper changed a few times during the day. Ever since the poor guy fell out of a coconut tree many years ago, he hasn’t been able to control his bladder.

But I’m sure our two helpers will work things out and peace and love will continue to permeate our new home in the Philippines.