The Best Dog Shelter in Guimaras

The Best Dog Shelter in Guimaras

That’s what our construction crew is getting ready to complete: “The Best Dog Shelter in Guimaras.” The workers have been busy these past few days readying a home for our new pets in the Philippines.Our new dog shelter in the Philippines

Cinderella, Prince and “Killer,” our Belgian Shepard, have been hanging out on our front porch. But though our new puppies get a bath every other day, they do begin to stink up a place. I should know, I’ve been known to stink up a place or two occasionally even though I take a minimum of two showers a day.

But as anyone that has ever lived in the Philippines or visited it know how the heat and humidity can be intolerable. The humidity levels average 86% on our island province of Guimaras.  It’s so hot you could sweat 150 pounds of fat off a 125-pound hog.

Our new doghouse in the Philippines

The shelter has a roof, as seen in the lead photo, along with a doghouse. Cinderella and Prince will stay in the shelter but will not be chained up.  Killer will have his own dog house and be posted in our yard during the evening. Killer barks at any strangers and will add an extra layer of security to our new home in the Philippines.

Our Belgian Shepard in the Philippines

Killer, our Belgian Shepard in the Philippines

Our nephew in the Philippines playing with Prince

Our nephew is show in the photo above petting Prince as Cinderella looks on, waiting for her turn. All the puppies are going to the vet in Guimaras today to get more vaccines. They’re good pups and are a joy to have around.