The Return of Papa Duck (and Anne)

The Return of Papa Duck (and Anne)

Papa Duck has flown back to the Philippines for good. The American expat, who recently married his lovely Filipina girlfriend, Anne, has officially retired in this archipelago of 7,107 islands. He's said "adios"  to the rat race in America. Farewell to stress.   "Au revoir"  to the daily grind. Yes, he's now living the good life.

Papa Duck, Anne and The KanoFrom left to right, Papa Duck, Anne and The Kano

But in every paradise there are challenges.  Papa D, who has been in the Philippines just over three weeks,  experienced  the recent flooding in Metro Manila last week  firsthand.  Cavite,  just outside of Manila, was one of the hardest hit provinces, and is where Randy and his new bride Anne are currently living.  As much as 60% of the Manila metropolitan region was flooded due to recent storms. The newlyweds had to sleep on the 2nd floor to escape the flood waters. 

My beautiful  asawa, Melinda, and I, along with Rease W, an American expat living in Iloilo and a follower of this website,  along with his lovely wife Liza, joined The Tom Cat and his enchanting fiancée, Lenlen, for a trip to Raymen Beach Resort in nearby Guimaras, my wife's home province.The Raymen Beach Crew in Guimaras

Here's the crew at the main gate to the Raymen Beach Resort in the mango province. From left to right, the author of this website, The Kano, who's gesturing wildly, Anne, Papa Duck, Rease, Liza, LenLen and The Tom Cat. 

Here's the lovely ladies going for a swim. Liza, Melinda (my beautiful asawa),  Anne, and LenLen. It had rained earlier in the day but the weather took a turn for the better as the day progressed.

Papa Duck and Anne

It was high tide and Papa Duck was fighting the waves crashing into the beach. The waves were quite strong for the first hour or so.

High tide at Raymen Beach Resort in Guimaras

A close-up of the turbulent waters. My slippers were swept away twice and Papa Duck was kind enough to retrieve them for me. Remember, I'm an aging 61-year-old geezer.

The inner tube debate at Raymen Beach

No, my asawa and Anne aren't arguing over who gets the inner tube. They were just having a little chika chika (conversation.) Liza, on the left, looks as if she might feel a migraine coming on with  all the chatter going on.  

Tom and Rease went snorkeling,  but due to the recent heavy rains, visibility was poor. Randy and Anne graciously paid for the nipa hut rental and the multi-cab to reach the beach resort along with picking up the lunch tab. 

A BIG THANKS to Randy and Anne for all of the supplies (and chocolate) which they brought to us from the States. And a HUGE THANK YOU for the generous support they gave us to help with my father-in-law's medical expenses. Their kindness is deeply and sincerely appreciated. 

More on their visit on the next post as we retire to "The Farm" and Papa Duck and Anne head over to Savannah in Iloilo to look for a new home in the area. They like  Iloilo City  and plan to move here in the near future. 

Thanks, too, to Rease, Liza, The Tom Cat and Lenlen for making our visit to the beach a great one. And thanks to my asawa for putting up with me. She's the best!

18 thoughts on “The Return of Papa Duck (and Anne)

  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding. 🙁 I understand we have a big rain storm coming our way sometime today. Sure have been cool!

    Welcome to the Philippines Papa Duck. 😛

  2. Thanks for having us along, we had a great time! Was good to finally meet Tom Cat and all the wives finally as well. Look forward to seeing all of ya again 🙂

    • Great seeing you again, Rease, and glad we got to meet your asawa, Liza. We had a good time at the beach. Nice to relax, kick back and take it easy, something I do the majority of the time. Randy and Anne will be back later in the year. I’ll give you a shout when I get word on their return.

    • Good to see you again, Rease, and great meeting your asawa. We had a good time at the beach. Nice to relax, kick back and take it easy, something I do the majority of the time. Randy and Anne will be back later in the year. I’ll give you a shout when I get word on their return.

  3. Sorry to go off topic here, but got good news from two expats on this island about ACR renewals. Apparently, when you renew your 5 year ACR you are issued a new ACR with no expiration date. Permanent residency but you still have to check in annually and pay the 310 pesos.

    • Thanks for that info, Rease. Good to know. I have three years before I renew my current five year card. And yes, it’s imperative to make that annual report every year.

    • Hi Rease, I'm not so sure what you have heard is true. Although the newer ACR-I cards can be "permanent" (like mine – it says Visa Valid Until :PERMANENT), you are still required to update the card every 5 years in addition to the annual reporting as Dave mentions. Although I have "permanent residency", it still shows a 5 year expiration date on the reverse side in small print. I recently clarified this with our local BI attache here in Calbayog when I picked up my card about 3 weeks ago. I'm not complaining though, it's still much cheaper than doing the balikbayan visa with all the extensions (and an annual trip out of country).

    • Thanks for the link and the information, Rease. Our local office in Iloilo is fairly close by and the annual reporting process quite painless. P310 a year is not much of a price to pay for living in “paradise.” 🙂

  4. Dave,
    Thanks so much for everything. We had a great time with everyone. We especially want to thank your lovely asawa Melinda for preparing such a great meal for us yesterday. The spaghetti was wonderful along with the cake and Ice cream too. Also to Tom Cat and Lenlen for having to put up with us overnight at the farm, really enjoyed at there. Looking forward to making another visit later this year. Take care

    • You’re welcome, PapaDuck. Melinda and I were honored and privileged to have Anne and you visit with us. You’re a great couple. We wish you both many years of happiness. See you soon. Take care.

  5. You all are living the life I so desperately am trying to live. I just love it in the Philippines.

    The rain in Manila was insane. I have many friends there and the pics and stories they told were amazing. Places that I frequent were under water. Amazing.

    They had 23 1/2 inches of rain last Sunday!!! That is hard to even fathom.

    Thankfully there was not a large death toll…and all my friends and their family members are safe.

    You all look like you had a great time….some day soon I hope to visit you.

    • PapaDuck and Anne experienced the flooding firsthand, Todd, as mentioned in the post. I can’t imagine how difficult and dangerous it must be to live in such conditions. Glad to hear your friends and family members are safe. My own asawa has sisters and a brother in the Metro Manila area. Fortunately, last reports from them indicate they are safe and sound, too.

  6. Dave
    thank you so much i like the pictures and thank you also for a good spaghetti and black forest red ribbon cake and choclate ice cream that Melinda preapred for us, you both also a really wonderful persons, also thanks to tom cat and Len-len, Liza and Rease for being with us at the beach. Randy and myself really enjoyed with you guys. Randy likes also the Fruit Salad that lenlen’s made and pan cakes, so good. give my regards to melinda and lenlen. see you soon guys.

    • Thanks so much, Anne. I relayed your comment through the window to Melinda who is outside doing laundry after laundry day. Yes, Melinda insists on soaking all the white laundry items and washes and rinses them again. I stopped asking why she doesn’t let the laundry lady do that a long time ago.

      Melinda and I both appreciate everything Randy and you have done for us. Your support and generosity is sincerely and deeply appreciated. We’ll pass your comment to The Tom Cat and LenLen. Had a great time visiting with Randy and you, Rease and Liza, and of course, The Tom Cat (soon to be heading back to the States) and LenLen. See you soon and take care.

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