Hot Ride! Hot Filipina Bikini Babe!

Her name. Niki. Age 19 at the time of this sexy photo shoot. The motorcycle? A Kawasaki. But who cares? You won’t,  once you see this sizzling hot Filipina bikini babe posing on it.

Sexy Filipina Bikini Babe



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    • Yep, I’m finally bringing them back, Dave W. But all comments will be held for moderation until this whole Cyber Martial law shakes out after the Philippine Supreme Court TRO expires in January.

      Hmmmm, I imagine there might be a few comments that might fall into that “unpublishable” category!

  1. Hot dawg!!! The Dave meister is back with comments open and a super great early xmas present. Thanks Dave, my eyes thank you for the amazing xmas gift. A Kawasaki what? never saw it 🙂

  2. nice, but from her accent she’s an american and as such, had access to better nutrition and health care growing up than the average filipina , who would not look as healthy.

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