Batman, Brownouts and the Bunk Bed

Batman, Brownouts and the Bunk Bed

It's off to SM City and the SM Hypermarket in Iloilo City. Webmaster Supreme, Rich Pawly, visited the Hypermarket the other day during his visit to "The City of Love"  and says the air con was working fine. I hope so. Today the rains have stopped for awhile and it's sunny. I usually sweat there like a politician after hearing one of his female aide's announces she's pregnant.DSC

I'm tying up some loose ends with this post before The Sainted Patient Wife and I head out for our monthly shopping trip. It will be my first trip out of the house in days and I'm actually looking forward to it. Guys, don't banish me from your "man cave" for that above statement.

Well, that was my original plan, to finish writing this post and get it published before we took off, but an eight-hour brown out in Iloilo City ended that scheme faster than a wet dream about Nancy Pelosi.  

So on a rainy Sunday morning in a subdivision which actually had three garbage pick-ups in a row last week, I'll attempt to write this post.

Took my asawa, The Sainted Patient Wife, along with our twin nieces, April and Michelle, to see "The Dark Knight Rises" last Monday at SM City in Iloilo. Only P130, three bucks, for a ticket.  Awesome movie. Loved it!

The crowd was extremely quiet. No one chatting away next to buddies and no one making or answering calls on their cell phones. Quite a different experience from what my friend, American expat,  Scott B. had endured at the same cinema the Saturday before.DSC

I spoke to a management person before our show began and told her about the unruly crowd at the Saturday viewing Scott B. had attended.  The supervisor said that the weekend shows are much more crowded and not as many students attend during the weekday shows. That's what I suspected and that's why we never attend the weekend offerings.

Had a good crowd, a mix of all different ages and would recommend the movie to anyone that hasn't seen it yet. Christian Bale is hands down, the BEST ACTOR that has ever portrayed the Dark Knight.  And Director, Christopher Nolan, is the BEST DIRECTOR of any Batman movie. 


I'm FINALLY posting some pictures of the bunk bed that some generous readers enabled us to purchase for our nieces and nephew that live with us. Our three nieces sleep on the bottom larger section while our nephew, Sharwen, sleeps on the top bunk.

I suggested that our 13-year-old nephew sleep on the sofa bed in our sala, living room, but my asawa suggested the present arrangement.  My ever thrifty spouse stated that if they all are in the same room we would only have to use one fan for them. She's the boss. 


A BIG THANKS TO SCOTT H, KENNY P, CHARLES SJASON B,  ALLEN T AND STEVE A for their generous donations which enabled us to purchase this for the kids. 


The bed, along with a wardrobe not visible in the picture, takes up most of the space in this small room, one of three bedrooms in our rental home. But for 140 US Dollars a month rent, looks like we plan to stay put until we build our new home. But we've been putting some feelers out in the Oton region and checking out some lot prices there which are considerably cheaper than what we can find in our present subdivision located outside of Iloilo City. I'll be sure to keep you posted in future updates. 

Back to work on my new eBook and the next post for this website before another brown out hits. That said, power outages and all, it's still more fun in the Philippines. 

And note to Webmaster Supreme Rich Pawly. It still very warm at  the Hypermarket yesterday save for one giant portable air con situated near the main checkouts. More on the latest SM Hypermarket visit where I encountered some really nice "big breasts. " 

20 thoughts on “Batman, Brownouts and the Bunk Bed

  1. I have the sad feeling that the big breasts you are hinting at are not like those in the previous post. 🙂

    As an aside, I notice in many pictures on CB that the women are doing the same thing with their hand that your nieces do–they do that finger gun thing or whatever it is. What is that? Is it some sort of Filipina gang sign? lol

    • Feeling “pogi,” handsome, if you’re a guy, Steve, or feeling, “pretty,” guapa, in Ilonggo, or “maganda” in Tagalog. Everybody does it, Steve. I checked with my two nieces and my asawa. That’s their answer. 😛

      As far as the “big breasts” go, wellllll…….

    • Steve, from what I remember, the sign was held upright to imitate the letter “L” for “Laban” (meaning game, fight) during the in support of the “People Power” movement in the early 80’s (when Acquino took power from Marcos). Today it could mean something totally different like “game on” or “victory”. The Hawaiians have always had their “I’m cool” symbol using the extended thumb and pinky finger, which is the same as the age old sign of the Texas Longhorns “Hookem Horns”. I guess the young filipinos are just feeling the need for their own “cool” identity. I’m not aware of any organized gang symbology in the Philippines, then again, I’m approaching “old geezer” status like Dave, and when you get old, you’re not supposed to know anything anymore. Right Dave? 😉

        • Don’t worry, Dave, with those two young ladies in the house, you’ll know what “cool” is. My own college-age daughter does likewise for me. Also, on a sober note, you may have heard about the midnight massacre here in Denver (Aurora suburb) during the showing of this movie. It definitely put a damper on a possibly great movie.

          • Hopefully some of their “cool” will rub off on me, Monty. And yes, heard about that terrible incident in Aurora. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I hope that justice is served and that the killer doesn’t get away with an insanity plea.

  2. Meriam and I saw the Batman movie last week. Catwoman is something I could dream about, Nancy…not so much!!! You are really sick Dave. 😛

    Didn’t care for the movie that much…Meriam hated it! Waiting for the new Borne movie to start this week. It was partly filmed in Manila so that will be good to see.

    After 2 years I got my MagicJack phone to work. Yes Dave you can call me free. If you are not having a brown out again.

    BTW — Seeing you dance naked in the rain is something I am not sure I want to see. Well maybe a few photos for the archives. 😀

    • I’ve been known to have a twisted sense of humor, Gary. I won’t dispute that. 😀

      So Meriam and you didn’t like the Batman movie? I’m a huge Batman fan and I loved it. My only problem ***(spoiler alert)*** is with the way they introduced the new Robin character. Not true to the original comic book at all.

      Glad the magicJack is working but it took two years to get it fixed? 😯

      Nancy Pelosi naked or me dancing naked? Two extremely disturbing images. 😀

      • YOUR are the one that tweeted you were going outside naked and dance in the rain, I would pay a peso to see that!!!

        MagicJack was OK … it was this dumb computer.

        I loved the last Batman movie but this one…just didn’t get the job done for me. It is still making money…it might even make as much as the Hunger Games.

        • You’re right, Gary, I DID tweet that. Thankfully for my neighbors’ sake, I decided to go out just in my boxers. It was dark outside. 😯

          OK, dumb computer, I got it. I liked the whole Batman trilogy with Bale and Nolan. The first Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton was OK, but quickly descended into absurdity after that. (Btw, I’m back online after only a two hour brownout this morning. :D)

  3. Dave,
    Was the security tighter at the cinema due to the shooting in the states. My g/f is going to see the new Bourne movie on the 8th. It doesn’t come out here until the 10th. I have to agree with you, your nephew should be sleeping in the living room.

    • Nope, security was the same, PapaDuck. The chief of the Philippine National Police said there is no way such an incident could happen in the Philippines. Really? What about the “Wild West” incident at our local SM Delgado that I had covered in an earlier post? Security is fairly lax at our malls and it wouldn’t be that difficult for such an incident to happen here, unfortunately.

      I’m overruled on the sleeping arrangements, PapaDuck. I guess until we get that new house built, he’s going to endure the present arrangement. But it is the first time he’s had his own bed space to share. He used to share sleeping space with lola back in Guimaras.

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