Super Bloggers Meet at The Promenade in Iloilo City

Super Bloggers Meet at The Promenade in Iloilo City

Last Friday my asawa and I had the pleasure of meeting this site's Webmaster Supreme, Rich Pawly, who also has his own website, Philippines or Bust.  We also met Rich's asawa, Vanessa,  along with son, Rich, plus Blogger Supreme Bob H. from My Philippine Life and his wife, Carol.  We had a buffet lunch at The Promenade restaurant at the Day's Hotel in Iloilo City and Vanessa and Rich graciously picked up the tab. 


First off, a BIG THANKS to Vanessa and Rich for the lunch. The food and the company were great. And thanks to Rich for hosting my website and for being the Webmaster Supreme. Just move your mouse over the pic to get everyone's name. We did have some photos with yours truly in them, but Rich's son, Rich, had his face partially blocked in those, so I went with the picture above.

If this website goes down, all I have to do is pick up my magicJack (though Rich prefers Skype) and dial him up over in Houston. He's always there to help a computer-challenged guy.  And thanks to Bob who suggested the restaurant. I'm on a McDonalds/ KFC budget and this fancy place was a welcome change. DSC

While waiting for the group to arrive, The Sainted Patient Wife and I hung out at the lobby as I chatted with some of the staff pictured above. Nice group of ladies. You could tell this was a first-class operation. I haven't been at such a fancy joint since dining at our local Mang Inasal

An employee standing nearby, Robert, offered to take a picture of my asawa and me. That's Robert in the photo following ours. Friendly guy. His English is very good and I'm sure that proves very useful on his job. In the 30 minutes we waited in the lobby, we saw dozens of foreigners wandering around. DSC



If you would like to check out the rates for the Days Hotel in Iloilo City, here's a LINK to their website.  It's not cheap, but it's a first rate operation. Conveniently located in the Atrium Mall which features the only two-story McDonald's in Iloilo if you're cheap like me. 

We enjoyed a great meal with some of the best desserts in Iloilo. Check out this photo spread at The Foodie's Choice.com to see some great pictures of the food. I was too busy eating to take any myself. We hadn't been to a buffet in over three years, so dining at The Promenade was a special treat. 

We ate and chatted for a couple of hours. Rich and crew had visited some of the nightspots in Iloilo over in the Smallville complex, the entertainment center of Iloilo City. No, you won't see Superboy there, but I thought we could join them later that evening since my asawa loves to go dancing and I've heard there's plenty of venues there to party.

Rich contacted me via text later but I had to pass. My bed time is around 9 o'clock, Don't forget I'm a 60-year-old geezer. Rich is a young pup at 40 and son Rich is about half that age. I asked my asawa what she wanted to do: "It's up to you," her standard reply that drives me up the wall. So we stayed home. We lead a boring life. 

Check out Rich and Bob's websites for some of the most detailed information you can find on building a house in the Philippines. You'll find step-by-step information that you honestly cannot find anywhere else on the web.

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting with everyone and hope to see Rich again whenever he makes a return visit. Bob invited my asawa and me over to visit sometime and we'll have to take him up on that offer as long as it's before my bedtime. Remember, I'm an old geezer. 

14 thoughts on “Super Bloggers Meet at The Promenade in Iloilo City

  1. Damn guy!!! Your wife is a doll!!!! You did good.

    My fiance and I are very seriously thinking of moving to Iloilo around December. I hope to take a very serious look at the place.

    Keep up the good work on this site, I love this site. I love the subjects of most of your articles…and you do not take yourself so seriously.


    • Thanks, Todd. I may be biased, but I think the Philippines has some of the most beautiful women in the world. 😛

      Todd, give me a holler when you get here. We would love to show your fiance and you around the place. That would be great to have another expat over here.

      Thanks for the kind words, Todd. Man, if I EVER start taking myself seriously, someone please let me know. I’ll have my asawa give me a swift kick in the butt. I was going to say “ass” but I don’t want to offend anyone. You know that “Super Blogger” title only refers to Rich and Bob. 😀 I’m just a bonehead having some fun.

      Quick question, please. What are some of the topics you find most interesting or helpful for someone planning a move to the Philippines. Thanks. 😯

  2. Dave,
    I was checking the rates at the Days Hotel. They are cheaper if you go through Expedia or Agoda. The Asian Buffet and Desert Buffet really look good. There making me hungry. Take care. It won’t be long for the visit

    • Thanks for checking that out, PapaDuck. The place is certainly one of the finer hotels in Iloilo City and looked first class to me. The buffet was excellent. Looking forward to your visit. Take care.

  3. Well first of all you do not take yourself so seriously, but you have a terrific site. You do not wax poetic about everything in the Philippines. You give plenty of good (and there is a lot of good) and you give the bad (and there is plenty of that also).

    As far as articles, I think one of the issues many of us have is the income issues. How to make it if you do not have a pension, the best filipino banks to put our money in, the best type of acccounts…things like that.

    I also think many people wonder where to live. I personally love Manila, especially Makati, but I also wonder about other areas. In fact it is with your writings about Iloilo that got me really thinking about that area.

    It would be nice for people to give a good rundown of the areas they live in, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I personally could not live long in an area that did not have malls and movie theaters. I lived in Sindangan, Mindanao for about two months and darn near went nuts.

    Also, articles about the culture (which I love) and how to avoid some of the pitfalls I see so many Americans make.

    And of course the women!!! I honestly with all my heart believe that filipinas make SENSATIONAL wives and girlfriends. I am always amazed when I hear guys say they cannot find a good filipina!! WHAT!!!!!???? It is so simple to find a GREAT filipina.

    Also articles about the daily life of just living in the Philippines.

    • Thanks for the compliment about the site, Todd. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks, too, for the detailed response to my question. I really value what my readers think and what kind of information they are looking for. It’s always been my goal to bring you the “good, bad and ugly” side of living in the Philippines. Isn’t that what life is really like no matter where a person lives?

      I’m going to tackle the topics you’ve mentioned in upcoming posts. If anyone out there has any input they would like to offer regarding what you mentioned, that would be great. I have a narrow viewpoint as to where to live. I appreciate anyone’s views. I’m not going to say “such and such” place is the best place for anyone to move to, but I can only offer my opinion as it pertains to my own particular income and lifestyle. That said, for me, Iloilo City and the surrounding area, are places I highly recommend. Again, would love to show you around when you get here.

      Thanks again, Todd. You’ve really given me some good ideas.

  4. We had fun meeting you guys too. I love Iloilo, husband and I are definitely going back there again, and we are going to make that “dancing” happen. Say hello to your lovely asawa for me.

  5. My wife Meriam is a Great singer! She was even asked to go on tour in the United States but she said no… Too cold there… 😛

    Does she sing karaoke??? Never!!!

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