Sen. Manny Villar Responds to Our Subdivision Situation

Sen. Manny Villar Responds to Our Subdivision Situation

I was pissed! Woke up yesterday morning to see trash strewn across the corner from our subdivision home in Iloilo (see following photo.) It was a scene I had witnessed many times before. Previous complaints to our land management office had not corrected the problem. When I saw this latest mess, I took immediate action. I went straight to the top and sent an email to Senator Manny Villar, Jr.DSC

I was courteous, respectful and to the point. I mentioned I was an American expat living in the Philippines for three years now and was married to a wonderful Filipina.

I also advised him we were only renting our current property but were considering buying a lot and building a home in our subdivision. But with the current situation of dogs roaming the streets unchecked and getting into everyone's garbage, my asawa and I were reconsidering that option. DSC

I also attached the pictures you see on this post and explained that neighborhood dogs had also gotten into our own personal trash can numerous times before. No one in the land management office here seemed to be taking any action to correct the situation



I apologized to Senator Villar for bothering him with such a request and knew he had much more important matters to attend to. I asked if he could please put me in touch with someone that could actually help us with the problem and thanked him.

I left our block number and lot number in the email. There are no house numbers plastered on homes in our area as you would see in the States that help locate your address. 

My asawa said I should also send the email and pictures to the home office of the land management company that operates our subdivision. I had found the email address some months before, but couldn't locate it again, so I just hoped that I would get some response from the Senator's office. 

To be perfectly honest, I did not expect to hear anything back at all, but I was extremely frustrated at the time and felt I had to do something. The prevailing attitude of "oh, that's just the way it is" wasn't going to suffice for me this time. 

I worked on my new eBook (more on that coming up soon) most of the day and kept busy,  occasionally looking outside and chasing away the same stray dogs I always chase away on a daily basis. We had received notices in the past from the land management office that they were taking measures to care for the stray dog problem, but I've seen the same canines month after month. 

As I  was eating my dinner of chicken tacos, I heard my asawa speaking to a man outside our door around 5 pm. My wife did not let him in but I saw a motorcycle parked outside. From what I could see of the guy, he appeared to be the manager of our land management company. I was amazed at the quick response to my email!

I went back to our bedroom and watched some television. I had remembered reading a post from Bob Martin some years ago about some trouble I believe he had with neighbors at his former location and their construction crew. I can't recall all the details (don't forget, I'm an 60-year-old geezer) but I remember Bob wisely let his asawa handle the situation. 

That's good advice, folks. If I would have walked over to my wife and started putting my "two cents worth" in,  you can bet I would have said something that would only have inflamed the situation. I'm a stranger in a strange land in the Philippines. Best I stay out of the conversation and out of sight, and let my spouse handle it.  I put my "machismo" on hold .

Now if we were back in the States, that would have been a different story. If there were any neighborhood disputes, I handled the situation. But we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

After about 20 minutes, the man left. He was, indeed, the property manager for our subdivision outside of Iloilo City. I asked my asawa what he had to say. 

He wasn't happy that I had gone over his head and not gone to him first about the problem. My wife told him I had addressed the issue with land management before but nothing was done.

He said he would send a security guard by to find out who was leaving their trash on the curb. Some residents do not pay their 400 peso (9.50 US Dollars) monthly maintenance fee and have their garbage cans taken away from them. So they just put their trash out on a curb. 

The manager also informed my spouse that the stray dog problem would be taken care of. "What about the dogs that neighbors have and let them out of the yard and they are not on a leash?," my wife asked. "That is against the regulations of the subdivision", she added.

"What dogs?" the manager asked. My wife pointed to two nearby houses whose owners were the biggest offenders. The people let their pets roam around in the morning and they take a crap in our yard and get into trash cans. I covered this issue before in a previous post, "The Dog Crap Wars of Iloilo." The man said he would speak to those people. 

The trash was cleaned up this morning by our garbage pick-up guys. See picture below. I had a little discussion with them this morning as I did one of the neighbors, a retired teacher, who is one of the dog owners letting his pet roam the subdivision without a leash. It was an interesting conversation. (See,  I couldn't stay out of it, could I?)  More on those "discussions" later. DSC

Thank you to Philippine Senator Manny Villar Jr. for taking such quick action. I suspect it was his office staff  that forwarded my email to our local management company with my concern, and I commend him for his help and for having such a talented and efficient staff working for him. 

16 thoughts on “Sen. Manny Villar Responds to Our Subdivision Situation

  1. I always enjoy hearing Americans use the word “pissed” to describe anger. In Antipodean language it is used to describe drunkiness. This different use caused no end of problems in the mess when Kiwi soldiers got together with American soldiers.

  2. I was always told that being pissed off was better than pissed on. I sure that is correct. I have seen trash like you had Dave but never close to where we live. The last Saturday of each month is clean up day. Everyone gets out and cleans up the street they live on. It is good for the city.

    • I believe you are correct, Gary. I’m personally not into any “golden showers” myself.

      We have a maintenance crew that comes around once a week to sweep the streets and clean up. Sounds like the folks in your area take pride in their surroundings, Gary. That’s great.

  3. hey dave,remember that beef jerky i was tellin you about?Dave,you know me and how i tell it like it is,i would have gone ballistic if in the usa but here i really doubt that this problem will ever go away and if it does it will only reappear in a few days or weeks.Are those chickens still at the other house that we walked by last time i was there? and if so that tells the whole story about their rules and regs.

    I think you need a san miguel Negra or a nice long day at raymond beach or both.

    • Scott, I think you’re right and you need to take Dave out for a couple of cold ones. He used to describe living in the Philippines as “mostly stress free” and I noticed in his previous article he has revised that description to now read “fairly stress free”. This revision of Dave’s take on stress levels concerns me and could be a warning sign. Between all the lizard poop, roaming dogs and littering, Dave is beginning to show signs of regressing into an angry Kano resulting from low levels of SMB consumption. He did mention that he did not have a cold SMB for most part of the week last week and maybe this requires a SMB intervention. See if you can fix this Scott. 😀

      • Randy, that must be the problem, a lack of SMB consumption. Haven’t had one since Monday during our trip to Guimaras. I have an opportunity for one (or two) today, however, as Webmaster Supreme, Rich Pawly, and Bob H, Blogger Supreme, are meeting with my asawa and yours truly at an exclusive, fancy schmancy restaurant that Bob H. picked out. I’ve never met Rich, from “Philippines or Bust,” (and no, kids, it’s NOT a blog featuring “jugs,”) or Bob H. from “My Philippine Life,” though Bob has lived in Iloilo for years. Looking forward to meeting them.

    • Yep, I remember that, Scott b. If those guys have any more “beef” jerky, get some for me, OK? 😛
      The chickens are gone. But the dogs will probably remain. I spoke to a neighbor yesterday (more on that story later.) “In the Philippines, a promise is like an airplane. It grows wings and flies away never to be seen again.” He flapped his arms as he related that to me. We’ll see if the management here follows through on their promises.

      How about a Dark Knight meeting? Melinda and I will be going to the SM City Cinema this coming Monday. Let me know if you want to join us for the 2:00 show. I’ll have “the boss” send a text to “Tom Cat.” He wanted to see it, too.

  4. Good Morning Dave,

    So you couldn’t suppress your inner old man huh? Next story “You damned kids get off of my lawn!” Many years ago I had a problem with neighbors dogs. They would carry off my newspapers and my halloween decorations. I noticed that they would bring them down the street to their house to chew them. That all stopped one day. You see this real jerk decided to put bags of dirty diapers harvested from his child’s daycare in his flower bed. He watched with childish delight as the three dogs each made their way home carrying their gift bags. The yard looked like a snowstorm and the owners built a chain link fence.

    • Good Morning Tom,

      Yep, that old inner geezer still gets riled up, Tom. Maybe I’m morphing into a grumpy “Good ol’ Mr. Wilson” character the older I get. But say, I loved that solution to your dog problem. Just have to find some neighbors that would like to donate some dirty diapers and maybe I could mix them in with our trash. You’re a genius, Tom, but I bet you hear that a lot. 😀

  5. Dave,
    Glad your local Senator was able to take care of your trash problem. Now you pissed the neighbors off lol. Maybe you should look for a place where you won’t have any neighbors to worry about. Have a nice day.

  6. Dave, I fully agree and support what you did in reporting directly to Senator Villar. I congratulate Mr Villar too in responding to the problem promptly. I like your style, you don’t beat around the bush. We need more people like you in Iloilo. Regards.

    • Thanks, Reynaldo. I have word from a neighbor that the property mgr. IS taking care of the situation. I am very impressed with the swift response I received. I never got that quick of a response back in the States.

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