The Avengers (and Loud Talkers) Invade the Philippines!

"Coming soon! Coming soon!" I had been seeing those posters heralding the opening of "The Avengers" at our local cinema at SM City in Iloilo for months. As a self-confessed comic book geek as a kid and well into my 30's, I was like a spoiled kid at Christmas waiting to open my presents. But finally the big day arrived.  Caught the shuttle to the mall from our subdivision, along with my asawa and two newcomers to our home, niece Shina, 14, and her brother, our nephew, Sharwin, 12, to catch the flick this past Friday.

Five tickets, Popcorn and drinks for all. The total cost was under 20 US Dollars. Not a bad deal. "The Avengers" was showing on seven out of the eight screens at the SM Iloilo Cinema. 

Had to move seats right away as my asawa insisted on placing us in front of a couple that was talking non-stop. The previews had not even started yet, but she moved us further down the row, knowing I would say something if the chatter continued into the movie. She was right.

The movie was just about ready to begin when a teen-aged couple, girl and guy, sat behind us. They began talking right away. I gave them five minutes. I turned around and  said "Excuse me." The young Filipina leaned over as I firmly said: "Are you two going to talk during the whole movie?" They sat back in their seats. I never heard one more word from them during the rest of the show.

The cinema was about one-quarter full. That was a good crowd. We could usually count the moviegoers on previous trips to the cinema on one paw. I knew that there would be some additional noise with the extra patrons, but after the initial chit-chat outburst that I "nipped in the bud," the rest of the movie was enjoyed in relative peace and quiet.

The first half of the movie dragged on for me. The back story was being set up for the major players, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk. I already knew their biographies backwards and forwards.

But the last half, especially the battle scenes with some invading forces that Thor's evil adopted brother, Loki, had made a pact with,  were some of the best action scenes of any movie I've ever seen. The shots featuring The Hulk were simply outstanding.

Minor complaints? Captain America's helmet looked like crap. They took his wings off and just painted them on the side of his helmet. Cheesy.

Aslo, too much emphasis on what I consider a minor character, The Black Widow.  I would have preferred The Scarlet Witch, who had a much sexier costume than the Widow (see the following image.) 

(The Scarlet Witch in swimsuit. Artwork by Adam Hughes. Marvel Swimsuit Issue. © Marvel Comics, All Rights Reserved.)

Postives? The tremendous action scenes mentioned earlier. An outstanding performance by Clark Gregg who played Agent  Phil Coulson for S.H.I.E.L.D,  a government agency led by Nick Fury that put together the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" team (at least in this movie version, True Believer.) And watching The Hulk kick butt was extremely cool. 

Loved the movie. A great way to spend an afternoon in the Philippines out of the blistering heat and oppressive humidity. Whew! One more month of the really hot weather and hopefully the rainy season will commence. In the meantime, give me more action flicks. And buttered popcorn washed down with a big cup of Coke. And all at extremely affordable prices. You can't beat it!