Understanding the Filipino Way of Reasoning

The following is a guest post submitted by Geoff, who has an interesting story to tell about understanding the Filipina mindset. Check out his story. He has some valuable lessons to share. Many thanks to Geoff for sharing his wisdom. Here's the post:  


Well,you're in luck. I'm the guy with all the answers. I first married a filipina in 1983 so I  speak from experience  and now I'm prepared to  share  my wealth of knowledge with  all  my  friends  out there. Ok, now  I'll  fess  up. I'm  only  deluding myself (but the  fantasy was  great  wasn't  it?)

After  being divorced  from my filipina after all  these  years I'm no  wiser  now then that  fateful day in 1983  when I  married  my  filipina  gf as  a  31-year-old  guy. Oh,   sure there have been moments along the way when i  kidded myself that I  understood  the thinking of  a filipina and woman in general,   and  I  had a unique and  deep  understanding of the  filipino culture.

But now I  face the  ultimate reality  after being married  for 14 years and  divorced in 1997,  and after  a  total of 16  visits to the  beautiful  Philippines  I understand  nothing at  all. But I'm now  prepared to  share  my  lack  of wisdom and  a  few  experiences  with all  you  married  guys  out there.

After Christine (not her real name, to  protect the  guilty ) and I  were divorced  I decided  that  I'd had enough  and  admit  defeat, I will  remain single the rest of  my  life.  No longer  do I need to  bash  my head against a brick wall day after day  through  frustration.

Now  we  leap  to the year  2010. I am much more mature and  much  wiser. I now have the patience and the wisdom to  understand any  situation  (hope  springs eternal) so  i  began to  chat  a  beautiful  filpina in Mindanao. After Jojo and  I  chatted for  3  months, I    stayed in her  modest home at the foot of the mountains 3 hours north of Davao  city for  6  weeks. 

Jo is  a widow (her husband passed away in 2005). Everything seemed  perfect. We took the  kids shopping: an  iPod for  Cindy, a  bike  for Russel, a portable  cd  player  for  Sandy. Everything was so perfect. Jojo loves me. The kids love me.

The next  few  months I sent  five balikbayan boxes. "Oh, thank you  a million times,  honey" everyone chanted. Last June  2011  I returned to Mindanao  (this will  be  bliss: I  will  watch  Russel  riding his  bike, Cindy  will  be in her own world  listening to her  iPod , Sandy with his  cd player. I (we) will  be  so  happy.

Reality bites,  and  he was about to  bite  my  butt. Hugs, kisses all  around.

  • "Welcome home, honey,  the  kids are excited to see you, as I am."
  • "Hi,  Cindy, how many songs do you have on your iPod?"
  • "Oh, sorry  Uncle. It was lost  long  before."
  • "Oh,  Sandy, how's the cd  player,  man?"
  • "Sorry, Uncle, it's broken."
  • "Hey, darling, so now you are collecting scrap  metal?."
  • "No,  honey, that's the bike of Russel. Do not wori that is  only  material things,  walang  problema,  honey."

Ok , now to  share  my  profound  knowledge and wisdom with  you  guys .As you have made a pretty  woman your  wife and you want to be happy the rest of  your  life, don't ask me. After all these years, I have no understanding of  woman and filipino  reasoning at all.