Medical Costs in the Philippines. Our New Doctor in Iloilo City.

Medical Costs in the Philippines. Our New Doctor in Iloilo City.

Recently took my asawa to a doctor in Iloilo City highly recommended by my American expat friend Paul.  Robert S. Jacobo, MD, a general practitioner, is the physician we visited. Paul and his charming wife, Bing, escorted us to the doctor’s office located only about three blocks from The Atrium Mall at Suite 204, J and B III, Quezon Street. My fellow American amigo was able to secure an appointment for Doctor Jacobo. I was quite surprised to learn that an appointment could even be made since our previous visits to medical practitioners in the Philippines had left us waiting hours. It was always first come, first served. I was delighted to not have to spend an entire day in an hot, humidity hallway of some healthcare clinic or hospital. DSC

My asawa and I were escorted into the doctor’s office, and I was instantly impressed. Such a warm, friendly man. He listened to my wife’s complaint. She has been having an occasional pain in her side—yeah, I already know I’m the pain in the butt—asked questions and explained in detail as to what possible causes of my spouse’s discomfort could be. He wrote an order for various tests that he wanted The Sainted Patient Wife to undergo, ultrasound, blood test, urinalysis, etc., and I knew that Doctor Jacobo was a physician we could place our trust in. He informed us that the medical costs for the tests would not be that great, and said we could go to any hospital or healthcare clinic for them.

He examined my asawa’s abdomen, couldn’t find any direct cause for the pain, and advised us to return after all the medical tests were run. The ground floor of the building where Dr. Jacobo’s office is located has an healthcare clinic so my wife opted to have the urinalysis done right away at a cost of 53 pesos, 1.25 US Dollars. The results would be done in an hour, but since Paul had also scheduled an appointment with his dentist in Iloilo for my spouse (more on that visit in a future post), we decided we would just pick up the results when we return to Iloilo City.

Decided to have the ultrasound and blood tests done in a local healthcare clinic in Guimaras. The medical costs would be cheaper than what we would encounter in the big city and save us a pump boat trip. My asawa knew of a physician that provided reliable services. Plus her one test, a fecal analysis, had to be delivered one hour after the sample was made. Would take at least an hour to reach any lab services in Iloilo, so having the evaluations done in our rural province made sense.

Again, my wife and I both had an extremely favorable impression of Dr. Jacobo and really appreciate Paul guiding us to him. It’s good to know that we have a trusted general practitioner in nearby Iloilo City who is obviously a caring and intelligent physician that genuinely cares about his patients. He’s not in a hurry to get his appointment over with and listens to his patients, and with a charge of only P350 (8.24 US Dollars) for the visit, certainly isn’t concerned about  getting rich off his patients. And isn’t that the way it should be?

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  1. Wow! 800 bucks, CJ? That’s just outrageous. And an 8 hour wait? Man, that’s just crazy. I bet you can’t wait for your big move. Looking forward to another expat joining the rest of us. Take care. Hope the time flies by. 🙂

  2. I am trying to get in touch with Dr. Jacobo and cannot contact him. I need a phone number or cell phone number. The Hospitals he is affiliated with do not give out that information.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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