The Beauty in Manila Revealed

Time to wrap up the recent visit to Manila for this American expat with some photos from the trip.  I ran a story about a visit to the Island Cove Resort outside of Cavite where my brother-and-sister-in-law treated us to a day of food, fishing and fun. I mentioned in the article that my brother-in-law, Joe, was very impressed with the female singer in the trio pictured below, but I had no way to download  her picture for that article until I returned home. After the group left, Joe announced that the pretty Pinay was "maganda"("beautiful"),  and I agreed with my brother-in-law. To be honest, the photo doesn't do her justice, as she was really even more  gorgeous in person.  Thankfully, Joe's asawa, Emily, standing nearby, and my own Sainted Patient Wife did not smack us upside the head for our remarks. DSC

Next up is a photo with my twin nieces April and Michelle, and Nephew "Genny" who likes to proclaim to everyone how "gwapo" (handsome) he is, along with their Mom, Emily.

DSCHere's The Sainted Patient Wife with our little niece that everyone calls "Baby." She's a little cutie.  



    1. Dave,

      Nice looking family. You are so lucky to have them. Kind of see you hiding in the background Dave. Too many SMG’s for the best looking Kano in Gummaris

      1. Thanks, Papa Duck, I was trying to hide, but my asawa managed to get me in the shot anyway. Wow! Best looking Kano in Guimaras? I should try out for the upcoming Mr. Guimaras then (yeah, right, those young Filipino guys in that contest have more six packs than a 7-11!)

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