On the Road to Manila

On the Road to Manila

Headed to Manila today to obtain my 13(a) Permanent Visa to live in the Philippines. With this visa I will not be required to make annual trips out of the Philippines which is necessary if one uses the  Balikbayan Privilege, and I will not have to renew my visa once the 13(a) is obtained. Just have to renew my Alien Certificate of Registration every five years (which I can do in Cebu) and make my annual report to the local Immigration Office in Iloilo which only costs P310. I just like to simplify things as much as possible for myself, and since we live in the rural province of Guimaras, and quite a distance from Manila, it is easier for me just to obtain this permanent visa. I'm all for making things easier for myself as I spend my twilight years in the Philippines.

April and Michelle

While in Manila we'll be staying in Caloocan City with my sister-in-law, Emily, and her asawa, Jose. I like to visit their home because it's one of the few times I can call someone else "Joe," (Jose prefers to be called "Joe".) I cannot remember the countless times someone has yelled out to me "Hey, Joe!," so I'm going to enjoy turning the tables for a change.

Aside from the crew of three boys and two girls, Emily and Joe's children, my 17-year-old nieces, Michelle (on the left) and April (0n the right) will also be there (the girls will be 18 this coming July.)  Sorry, I do not have the name of the young lady with the flower.  The twins are Emily's daughters. Joe is their step-father. They call me "Dad." (Now don't get excited, I'm not their biological father, the girls stayed at "The Compound" in Guimaras for ten years until moving to Manila last year upon their graduation from high school. However, I am very proud that they call me "Dad."  They're good girls.)

I'm looking forward to seeing the twins and everyone again. My wife and I got to spend a lot of time with April and Michelle when we arrived in the Philippines in July 2009 as they stayed with us until April 2010. They are  hard working, polite, and respectable young ladies. My asawa and I would really like for them to meet some nice guys (when they turn 18), and I think they are open to meeting some foreigners after seeing what a "gwapo" guy I am (Ha ha, you can tell who writes these things! Some old geezer that needs some new glasses!)

I'll be sure to give everyone an update on the twins when we arrive in Manila. Some of you might recall some of the stories I did on Michelle and April in my first blog, "The Rooster Crows at 4am!" You can check out some of those older posts by clicking on "The Rooster" category at the top of this page. Stories from my second blog, "Lizard Poop!" can be found by clicking on the "Lizard Poop!" category.

Joe didn't have his Internet working last year, and frankly, I was bored to tears. Had to pass a lot of time shopping at the nearby SM Fairview Mall since it was so hot in the house, my wife and I just escaped to the mall. Hopefully there won't be many brown outs in the Metro Manila area while we're there so I can keep the website current and respond to remarks. We plan to arrive the evening of May 9th and will be in Immigration the next day. Should be some interesting stories coming up. Keep you posted!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I will be there in Manila or Pasay rather on the 12th to pick up my son at the airport. Now I was bit concerned about flying home on friday the 13th but that risk is quite small when compared to the danger of being in Manila after an angry kano falls victim to beauracrat innefficiency and gives them what for. Hmmm maybe I need to practice saying no habla inglish as a defense mechanism. I hope all goes well for you and I hope they are gentle during your complete rectal exam. Haha What they didn’t mention the physical?

    • Tom, I just learned my asawa and I will be appearing before the Immigration Board of Commissioners this Friday the 13th, the day you are flying home. (We went to Immigration this Tuesday morning, the 10th.) Well, so far no problems even though we stayed overnight in Manila’s Chinatown which we were told by an Immigration official was a bad place to be staying. No problems, though, and no recatl exams so far. Have a safe trip back. 😉

    • Thanks, Monty Man, but I have a sad report to file on the San Mig Strong Ice. Bought a can of it the other day at SM City in Iloilo and iced it down. Gave it a try but maybe I need to try one from the bottle, just didn’t tickle my taste buds like the San Mig Pale Pilsen or The Eagle. Will have to try a bottle or two or three while in Manila.

      • Okay, fair enough. I look forward to giving it another taste test, or two or three, the next time I’m there. It seems we can’t go wrong with the Pale Pilsen on all accounts. The rest is just personal taste.
        Hope your business in Manila went smoothly and you’re on cruise control now!

        • I definitely will try some more of the Strong Ice, Monty Man. Might help me cool down in this 97 degree Manila weather. Not on cruise control yet, but did have a good first visit to the Bureau of Immigration this past Tuesday and returning tomorrow, Friday the 13th, for an interview with the Immigration Commission Board. I’ll be posting on the whole process to obtain my 13a Permanent Visa when everything is completed.

  2. Yes, the two ladies on the far left and right are my nieces, John. They’re waiting on me hand and foot while we’re staying at their Mother’s home in Caloocan City in Metro Manila. They’re good kids.
    How long did you stay out of the country, John? Sounds like you have a good plan with leaving the country every year and visiting new places. I’m a stay-at-home kind of guy, and that’s why I’ve applied for my Permanent Visa so I don’t have to leave the country every year or get my visa constantly updated.

    • That’s one thing I really admire about the Filipino culture, John. So much respect, for the most part, is shown to the elders. Since I’m an “elder” now I appreciate that. However, being addressed as “Sir Dave” still annoys me.

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