Beauty and The Beast

During the recent “Mutya Ng Guimaras 2011″ (The Pearl of Guimaras) beauty pageant held this past Friday night, April 15, 2011, not only was I able to have my photo taken with the winner of the pageant, Mae Estuche, but I was also also had the good fortune to have my picture taken with another beauty queen,Barbie Salvador, Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism International 2010. Talk about "Beauty"  and the "Beast!" Thanks to my own beautiful and understanding asawa for taking this photo.

Here's another photo of the beauty queen, Barbie Salvador, taken with Guimaras Governor Felipe Hilan A. Nava, MD wearing a traditional Barong Tagalog. I do not have the name of the lady dressed in blue at the far left.Here's the 5' 6" tall  beauty queen from Pangasinan with another Filipina beauty whose name I unfortunately did not get. Ms. Salvador's parents are both doctors and were quite shocked when she first entered the world of beauty pageants and joined Bb. Pilipinas in 2009 where she was a semifinalist.

OK, OK, here's another photo of the pretty Pinays. The asawa was still  in the gymnasium but had gone back to our seats we had for “Mutya Ng Guimaras 2011.″ As you can tell, along with the 2011 winner of the pageant,Ms. Mae Estuche,  Barbie Salvador, was also one of my favorite subjects. The Philippines Miss Tourism International winner was 3rd Runner Up in the 2010 Miss Tourism International Pageant held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How in the world the judges did not pick her as the winner is beyond my comprehension. She is an absolutely gorgeous Filipina. Barbie Salvador

Well, I was not the lucky photographer to take this picture that I obtained from Flickr, but it's just further proof of how lucky a guy I am to have a beautiful Filipina wife, Melinda, and have my pictures taken with two Filipina beauty queens the same evening along with the Governor of Guimaras, Felipe Hilan A.  Nava, MD. It absolutely just does not get much better than this!