HOT Filipina: Fines Pena FHM January 2011 Babe!

Listen, the term "babe" might be overused. But in the case of Fines Pena, a hot Filipina model at various car shows in the Philippines, "babe" is absolutely appropriate. Check out this video from FHM where Fines was the featured January 2011 cover girl. The video was shot on location at  The Luxe Residences in Taguig City to  the delight of office drones working at the building opposite of the location around lunchtime. I can tell you that the guys who caught that photo shoot were some of the luckiest Filipinos in the world. You'll understand why after you see the gorgeous Fines Pena in this video. You can thank me later. Oh, and by the way, this video is NOT asawa-approved!

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29 Comments on HOT Filipina: Fines Pena FHM January 2011 Babe!

  1. My God Dave! I just feel off the wagon in my mind and fear this will be a big relasp.So..she likes to work out?I think I best take it easy so do not have a stroke.

    • Well, Dan, I honestly think Fines is one of the hottest Filipinas whose videos I have ever shown so you can blame me for you falling of the wagon since I posted it.

  2. I think I should have learned how to be a pho-tog-gopher…might have been emmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so much fun.

  3. Is she talking english or Talog…any way….I did get the part..some times she has..some times she not..but she for got to say……really any time I like or want….I can have….have what? Oh!, I get it…its a Big Mac.

  4. Ralph in Iraq // 03/02/2011 at 12:04 pm //

    There were places in this video …………that I wished she had shorter hair

    • Ralph in Iraq // 03/02/2011 at 12:52 pm //

      This video posting……..will have a lot of hits and views…..Thanks Dave…for your never ending search……for important info to post

      • Thanks, Ralph, you’ll be happy to know I am researching some more FHM Filipina ladies for video posts in the near future.

    • I agree with you, Ralph in Iraq!

    • Ralph each time I look at it…I think the same thing….my self…Did you catch that part where she said to some luck person in that room where they were taking photos……she sai…Yuo can look at my body but not touch….I am pretty sure she said that…..I will go back and reveiew it a few more time4s…hhahahah

      • No problem, Dan, through the magic of editing I corrected your remark. You should see how many times I have to go back and edit my comments.

  5. Thanks for the additional picture for my Hot Chicks folder. It’s getting pretty full thanks to you.

  6. No Ralph…if she had shorter hair than Dave would not have posted it and we wouldn’t have gotten to see as much as we did.
    Oh and it’s a “Hot Ladies” file…not “Hot Chicks”.
    I just look at the pictures on the inside, not the name.

    • Well, you’re right, John, I wouldn’t have posted it if the hair was too short, though, it probably was the most revealing video I have posted and ever will. Glad you guys liked it. I know I sure did.

  7. Besides if you look closely enough, there were a couple of nipple shots in there. Is this blog “R” rated Dave?
    She says she likes to be on top or do it standing up? I don’t know Tagalog Dave..ask your asawa to listen to it and translate. We’ll come visit you in the hospital.

    • Oh, really, John, sorry, guess I need to get my glasses fixed. Well, I think I would rate my blog PG-13, but those shots must have gotten past the censor, me. I apologize for that.
      No way I can ask the asawa to translate for me, John. And yes, you would be visiting me in the hospital. No doubt about that.

      • Really Dave, your wife wouldn’t help you with your website? That’s not very nice, I’m sure you help her with her chores. Or no, wait a minute, you said you don’t do any work there at the compound. Why don’t you start doing some chores and then she will have extra time to translate your videos. :)

        • Well, Lance, if I started doing more chores, I would surely lose my “kingly” status. Right now I will take out the trash in the CR occasionally, fix my own lunch and dinner (usually), so I really don’t want to do any more chores, to be honest. Plus, there is NO way that I want my asawa to check out that Fines Pena video, it is WAY too hot!

          • Just tell her that you have fine taste in women, as shown by you marrying her. It works for me when I say that. 😉

          • Dave, I hope you will share with your readers what your wife’s reaction is when you say that to her and then ask her to translate the Fines Pena video.

            • Lance, there is NO way I’m going to have my wife check out that Fines Pena video. If that happens, I’m afraid that will be the end of this website and me!

      • Your glasses are just fine Dave..and since you said your Wife not read this site much…then the coast is clear..

  8. God..I ment read this site….

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