Building a $1,000 Nipa Solar Hut in the Philippines

A solar nipa hut in the Philippines? That caught my attention on YouTube, and I thought I would give everyone a break today from the videos of gorgeous Filipinas and supermodel Elly Tran Ha.  The nipa hut is being constructed on Daku island in the Philippines. For you retirees or other folks thinking of making a move to your own little slice of paradise, perhaps this video could provide you with some ideas on alternative housing. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in a nipa hut with their three children that was constructed several years ago, and are doing just fine.Nipa hut, Pangasinan, Philippines

12 thoughts on “Building a $1,000 Nipa Solar Hut in the Philippines

    • Ok..Dave..went back to a early post you made with purple eggs and your yellow house and such…Ok..That is a delux nipa hut then your inlaws have…blue tin roof..and metal supports…..so that is a delux model…When I a kid I built 2 or 4 tree houses so…If I was there I would be happy with a tree house.,Lol…I not the difference now……thanks…a real nipa hut would be organic approved and the lets go green people would probably near approve………but sure that the Fillipinos could care less on those people

      • Yes, my brother-in-law has a super-duper deluxe nipa hut with cable but no working television now. The 25-year-old Sony he had fixed for 14 bucks last year finally gave out. Since the wife and I are thinking of buying a new set (thanks to my Uncle Sam), we’ll let him have our current 20 inch Panasonic.

  1. It looks like he has spent a lot more than $1,000 so far. How much did the land cost? Solar and wind power costs a lot. Looks like I will have to check out more. Could always use more ideas.

    • Don’t know the land cost, Gary. Our 250 square meter lot cost P100,000 (2,286 USD) when my wife bought it about 12 years ago. Now the same size lot sells for P250,000 ($5,716). Guess what? We have a lot of EMPTY lots in our subdivision. No one can afford them.

      • I quess those witha Fillipina honey…only ones can buy those lots Dave……and from what read on your site does not sound like the ecomony is booming on the Island there…..fishing gone….not jobs….so just happy go lucky Hey Joe’s with a lovley Fillipina on their arm and a fat back pocket can buy those lots……

  2. I thoght most of the nipa huts were already solar power……when its daytime , there is light in the house………….and at night inside the house is dark……..

  3. Just wondering Dave if that subdivision is close to the beach ?
    My asawa and I are seriously considering gettin a beach lot or something near the beach in Guimeras to get away from the city once in awhile. Will see if the Ledesco house sells in the next couple months or I’ll go back to renting it. Either way I am looking for a quiet place on Guimeras for R/R.

    I had a nice nepa style recreation house built a few years back when we were renting a big mansion out in Leganese. It was much cooler to spend the afternoon and evenings in than that big cement house. I had a billiard table, majong/poker tables, ceiling fans and a coke/beer freezer. It was my little bar where momma could keep an eye on me and my teenage nephew and his cousins. I did spend a little over the $1,000 mark, but it had to have triple strong flooring to support all the weight of the freezer and pool table along with my 260 lb butt.lol

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