Cute Iloilo Girls and Future Facebook Friends

Iloilo girls, Ilonggo ladies, are some of the most beautiful and sweetest Filipinas in all of the Philippines. I married my gorgeous Ilonggo girl, Melinda, 11 years ago.  Recently had some videos featuring the women of Iloilo, and I managed to take some photos with my new Samsung Champ cell phone of some attractive young ladies I recently met.  I've actually figured out how to email the pictures so I can retrieve them from my computer. Not bad for a 59-year-old geezer from America.

The first young lady shown above was working at The Atrium in Iloilo the day before Valentine's Day and was employed by the Iloilo Supermarket there as part of a promo for the lover's holiday. I went over to chat with her, told her I was an American married to a Filipina and living in nearby Guimaras. Asked if I could take her photo and also inquired as to whether she was on Facebook. She is on FB and is going to add me as a friend.

I advised her I had some single American and Canadian friends on Facebook that would be interested in chatting with her. She was pleased to hear that.  To be honest, she was wearing extremely short denim cutoffs and high heels, but felt I better not press my luck and ask her to stand up for the picture. Also, The Sainted Patient Wife was next door finishing up eating at McDonald's with our little niece,  JalAmiel, so I figured I better play it safe.  I tell SPW about these new Facebook friends, but she doesn't always see all the photos I post.

So for you single guys out there that haven't added me as a friend yet, just do a search for "Dave DeWall" on your FB account. I tried to add a link before where you could simply click to add me as a friend, but I'm afraid you'll have to do a little extra work if you want to meet this cute Filipina since the link didn't work out that well.  If you had seen the tall Filipina pictured above in her shorts and heels as I did, I really encourage you to add me as a friend. I don't think you would be too disappointed in chatting with her.

The next photo is another young lady by the name of Glensca that was also working at The Atrium that Sunday. Don't ask me about some of the names  I hear in the Philippines. Spoke to a young lady at SM named Elmer Rose. No, I'm not making that up. Glensca is going to be a future Facebook friend, also.  Another sweet Ilonggo to chat with. And cute.

Next up are two  Ilonggo girls working at SM City Supermarket as promo girls for Close-Up toothpaste. They had an annoying video clip that played constantly, but the ladies were kind enough to turn down the volume when they chatted with me. I again said I am married to a Filipina, and one of them has joined me as a Facebook friend already.I've also added three more Sales Associates from the SM City Department Store to my Facebook account  who would like to chat with some single guys out there. I just love chatting with these Ilonggo girls. They're so polite and friendly.  And cute. If you haven't visited the Philippines, what are you waiting for? And by the way, I always tell them about my friend, "Lance the Canadian," the best looking guy in Canada. They seem quite excited to meet him.  I hope they aren't disappointed if they ever meet him in person!

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39 Responses to “Cute Iloilo Girls and Future Facebook Friends”

  1. Hazel says:

    Well, I’m not looking for a cute Filipina wife, but I will be adding you as a facebook friend. :D

  2. Lance says:

    Thanks Dave, but I am not really looking right now. I am taking a break to recover from my last 2 Filipina-Canadian girlfriends (not at the same time), ha ha.

  3. Gary Wigle says:

    I think the girls are cute everywhere in the Philippines Dave. The cute Tagum City girls have their own Facebook page. NICE.

  4. Ralph in Iraq says:

    I have a very nice and beautiful girlfriend…living in Bislig , Surigaio Del Sur……We will get married and live there………..When I retire later this year…….I will never get over how cute and sweet pinays are….American women cant even come close

  5. Lance says:

    Dave, if you have a smart phone you could access your Facebook via Wifi while you are in the SM Mall and add people right away

    • Gary Wigle says:

      Now I feel bad Lance. My cell phone is dumb….:-)

    • Dave says:

      I don’t know how smart my phone is Lance, or should I say how smart the operator is. I’ll have to check out my instruction manual. Thanks for the tip.

      • Lance says:

        Just ask one of the Filipinas in the mall to show you how to do it, I think that Filipinos are born with cell phones in their hands the way they text so quickly.

        • Dave says:

          You’re probably, right, Lance, but to be honest I have never approached any of the shoppers in any of the malls here. I usually converse with the SM sales associates, but sure they could tell me if I could get wi-fi with my phone.

    • Eric Salazar Delos Santos says:

      Are you saying that there isn’t any data service available for smart phones? That is a real bummer!

      • Lance says:

        Hi Eric, I would guess that there is data service available for smart phones in most cities in the Philippines, but I suggested Dave use free Wifi instead if he adds some Filipinas to his Facebook. (I don’t think he would be adding cute Filipinas to his Facebook often enough to make it worthwhile paying for a data plan, but you never know, lol).

        • Dave says:

          Good idea, Lance. I’ll be in Manila early next week so I should have some more photo ops and a chance to make some new Facebook friends. Should be plenty of free Wifi spots there so I won’t to pay for any data plan.

        • Eric Salazar Delos Santos says:


          Ahh yes Facebook…. So data plans are expensive, I see..
          I’m hooked on iPhone apps and yes ofcourse Facebook, the cutie capital of the world…lol Well then, it looks like I’m going to be spending more then I thought when I get to Iloilo in a few days. Ive always thought that everything was dirt cheap back there. Guess I was wrong…lol Iloilo cuties here I come! Thanks guys!

          • Lance says:

            Eric, I didn’t take a smart phone when I visited, so no idea on the cost of a data plan but there must be prepaid ones. But with most Filipinos carrying a cell phone, I imagine the cost of a prepaid data plan wouldn’t be too expensive.

          • Dave says:

            Eric, a lot of things are cheaper in the Philippines, but not electronics. You’re sure to meet a lot of the local cuties in Iloilo, there’s plenty of them. They just go wild over “Lance the Canadian” when he visits.

          • Lance says:

            Actually Dave I didn’t have any problems with the local cuties there, my Filipina-Canadian girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) was with me. But the ladies must go wild over a good looking guy like you when you take those solo trips to Iloilo and Cebu, lol.

          • Dave says:

            Awww, shucks, Lance, I have to admit I do get some stares occasionally, but then notice I have toilet paper hanging on my shoes after just leaving the CR.

  6. Jack says:


    One question …. Did you get close-up at SM?

    One statement …. The sweetest Filipinas in all of the Philippines are from Leyte.

    • Dave says:

      No, we buy some cheap Hapee brand, Jack. I won’t dispute your statement, Jack, about the Leyte ladies. I take it your significant other is from there?

      • Jack says:

        Yes. MBA is from the eastern side of the island.

        • Dave says:

          Ok, thanks, Jack. Aren’t they so many beautiful ladies from all over the Philippines? Man, I’m living the good life.

        • Jack, anywhere near Silago? My wife spent 3 years there with her uncle. We visited there a couple years back. It was one of my favorite areas in the Philippines.

          But my wife is originally Ilocano, so I’ll put a plug in for the Ilocos girls – plenty to like there too :)

  7. lele says:

    most girls that western men marry are rejects of pinoys here, old western men with young pinay wife who is poor, no rich pinay will marry an oldman

    • Dave says:

      Really, lele? My Filipina wife was not rejected by any pinoys, but she was poor, and worked as an OFW for years to support her family. Glad she wasn’t rich because I would have never met her according to your remark.