There’s a “Peeping Tom” on our Jeepney!

From Wikipeida, The original "Peeping Tom" was a tailor back in Coventry, England,who according to legend, had watched Lady Godiva (1040-1080), an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, ride naked through the streets of Conventry in  order to gain a remission of an oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants.  Everyone in the town was forbidden to watch Lady Godiva as she rode a horse naked through the town, and tailor Tom disobeyed, saw Lady Godiva through a hole he bore in his shutters and was struck blind or dead. Tom evidently had issues with authority figures and let his libido get the best of him.Lady Godiva

The picture seen below is of a young Filipina that sat across me from the jeepney yesterday on our ride back to "The Compound" in Guimaras after a monthly grocery shopping trip to Iloilo.  I had given up my  roomy "shotgun seat," which is next to the driver up front,  to my wife who had our three-year-old niece, JalAmiel, on her lap.  My asawa gave me her big black purse and our pink niece's backpack to hold. I swear I'm beginning to act just like my grandfather, God bless him, who ALWAYS carried my Grandma's purse when they went shopping, and which was large enough to carry enough clothes for a four week vacation to the Bahamas.

I recently was given a new cell phone by Smart Bro.  Jeepney girl

The new touch screen phone, a bribe meant to keep me as a Smart Bro customer for two more years, has a camera, as most cell phones have, and since I had destroyed my asawa's precious Sony Cyber Shot digital camera

some time ago,  I've had no camera to take pictures with for this website. Thanks to some suggestions by some faithful readers, I took the picture of the Pinay and emailed it to myself using the cell phone. It actually worked! I sure could have used this when I had the encounter with the hot Morena in Cebu City, but I guess that photo wasn't meant to be.  I really regret missing that photo op because the gorgeous Morena was one of the most beautiful women I've seen in the Philippines (outside of my wife.)

Also caught some pictures on the jeepney of  folks taking a nap which is a popular jeepney pastime. Now that I've got this camera phone figured out, I'll be able to take some candid shots of unknowing victims.  I'm sure it's a violation of their privacy, but most of the people in the Philippines would be more than willing to have me take their picture. Anyway, that's how I'm  justifying it. I've only had one person refuse to have their photo taken and that's our jeepney dispatcher in Guimaras. He  stated he doesn't have any teeth or hair,  and did not want any picture. He always calls me his "brother" so I respect his wishes.  And I'm guessing you guys would rather have pictures of a hot Morena anyway!

13 thoughts on “There’s a “Peeping Tom” on our Jeepney!

    • Ha ha, no, Dan, but we do have our big mango festival coming up in April in Guimaras. I’ll get some photos of the queen later. But I can assure all the ladies competing will be fully clothed.

  1. Oh..also thats to bad you trashed Your Wifes Sony Cyber Shot…there pretty darn good camera’s..but they have so many cameras now days..I think it would drive a person nuts to try and fig. out what one to buy.

    • Trouble is, electronics are so much higher in the Philippines, Dan. She’s looking at a new Sony with 14.2 mega pixels and a panoramic view with a touch screen in the back. However that one goes for almost P20,000. They have the same Sony model with all the features she wants for P9.000, BUT that model does NOT have the ENTIRE screen in LED, and is about 1/4 inch thicker than her old one. She just turned up her nose when I suggested she buy that one.

  2. When I lived in Kansas the police called one night and asked to use my doberman to find a peeping tom. Sure come and get him. Took that dog about 5 minutes to find that guy and was he ever happy to get away from that dog. He could put the fear of god in a person real quick. No one knew he was really just a big baby. Nothing like a 90 lb dog sitting on your lap while watching TV. He loved TV!

    Yea! Dave is going to take more photos.

  3. The doberman is easier to handle than a Roltweller. Doberman’s are pack animals. I was the leader of the pack. Until Lew wanted to be leader. Out would come the leather jacket and baseball bat. After a while when I got the leather gloves on that was the end of the battle. He knew he had lost. Then he would sit on my lap and watch TV. Big lug! When I went to town in the truck I had him inside with me. He would sit right next to me. Sometimes I wondered about that dog! 🙂

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