Manila’s Finest Bikini Models!

Here's a video featuring some of the most gorgeous bikini models of Manila. I can guarantee you that a few of the beautiful Filipinas on this video are some of the hottest Pinays on any video I've shown on ever. Just check out the stunning beauty in the red bikini at the beginning, and I don't think you'll disagree with my assessment. Manila's finest bikini models. It doesn't get much better than this!Energy FM Bikini Open Contestants

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12 Responses to “Manila’s Finest Bikini Models!”

  1. Richard D says:

    I think some of that is lingerie, not that I’m complaining.

  2. Lance says:

    Nice video. Wonder why they chose “Russian Girls” as the soundtrack. Maybe there are some Russian girls hidden in the video that I missed. Guess I will just have to watch it again to check, lol.

  3. Gary Wigle says:

    Yep my heart skipped a beat on seeing the lady in red. Thanks Dave for all your hard work. It is three in the morning. Need to go back to bed. I wonder if Meriam is awake?

  4. Dan says:

    YA..The lady in red looked nice enough for sure Dave..wonder what happens to all of them beauties as time goes buy… soon as they are 25 they are to old for that part of life I would think….I mean sure they are looking great at 30 but sure that who ever photo’s them like new recruits fast and sure there are many more that are ready to pose…I do not think I would want one of them how ever…a woman that looks at her self in the mirror heavy all the time is worthless all most to me……hahah was married to one of them types many sun sets ago….

    • Dave says:

      Fortunately my Filipina wife doesn’t look in the mirror daily, Dan, but when we make the monthly shopping trip to Iloilo, she likes to put on the war paint. Me, I just put on one of the Levi’s that the Duwendes had stolen and put on a t-shirt. Fashion king I’m not!