Smart Bro and the Free Cell Phone Philippines

I've had my broad ban service with Smart Bro since August 2009. My sister-in-law received a call for me several weeks ago from an Angel at the Smart Bro office at SM City in Iloilo.  Angel wanted me to renew my broad ban contract with them, and there would be some freebies in the deal for me if I did. So I decided to check it out. I've been happy with my Internet service in the Philippines with them, only two outages lasting a few hours in the past year,  and since my current contract had already expired last August 2010, the fact that I was getting contacted several months later just served to remind me that I'm on "Filipino Time." Can you imagine some ISP in America letting a contract expire and not badgering reminding you to sign a new contract?Internet Cafe

So I go into Iloilo for my appointment with an Angel, but Angel isn't there. I'm directed to an an attractive sales lady by the name of Camille. She tells me about the various freebies Smart Bro is offering if I renew my contract: computer hard drive, P3000 gift certificate, HP Printer (bought a new printer last year),  and various other items I really wasn't interested in.

However, when she showed me a picture of a new Samsung Champ (cost around P5,000) touch screen cell phone  I told Camille that's what I needed. My old LG cell phone from America,  which I had unlocked for P1000 (about $22.21 US dollars) so I could have a cell phone Philippines, had a broken send button, and the graphic screen was going bad on me and only showing half an image at times. I've never had a touch screen cell phone before, and thought it would be time for this "old dog" to learn a new trick.

Camille went to look to see if the Samsung Champ was in stock, but alas, it was out of stock and would not be in for another two weeks. I advised her that I would return when the cell phone was available and then sign a new contract. The cute Smart Bro rep said that was fine, and she took my mobile number so she could contact me later.

Went back home on the pump boat to Guimaras, and received a text message from Camille. The new phones had just arrived after I had left! I sent her a text back and advised her I would be back first thing tomorrow morning. They only had a limited stock, and I didn't want to miss out on my free cell phone Philippines. My monthly unlimited broad ban service was going to continue at P999 a month (approximately $22.60 USD.)

Picked up the new Samsung Champ the next day from the charming Camille and after finally reading the instruction manual I've already figured out how to use it. Not bad for a 58-year-old geezer.  Well, I did accidentally download some racing game I suck at for  a charge of P50 ($1.12 USD), but I guess it could have been worse.  I could have accidentally downloaded some porn site that would have gotten my "you-know-what"  chopped off by my asawa!

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    • Hi Lance the Canadian, the camera does have a phone, but I guess I’ll have to buy a cable to transfer any pics to my computer. Anyway, the Sainted Patient Wife will be getting a new phone, along with a protective camera case, as soon as we get our refund from our Uncle Sam in America.

  1. At last! Dave has a camera. Can’t wait for all the photos. Dave, it does have a camera doesn’t it? Dave? Hello? Just my luck…no one at home.



    • Hi Gary! The cell phone does have a camera, but like I told Lance the Canadian, I guess I’ll need some kind of cable to transfer my pics to my computer. Also, the asawa should be buying a new one soon, that I MIGHT be able to borrow under close supervision.

  2. Hi Dave, this is my second time comment and ill keep on counting. Can you connect that to wifi Dave? if you can then you don’t need that cable, you just use its email capability to email your photos(so long you are using wifi connections and not your network’s signal coz it’s gonna cost you). Be careful of those porn sites:) ….remember sainthood’s standby bolo:) or you might be the next “bobbitized” victim:)

    • Hi Jon T. The new phone might have wifi capability, I know I can email from it but haven’t tried it yet. Next time I go to SM City I can try a place that has free wifi or breakdown and actually look at my instruction booklet. This 58-year-old geezer doesn’t know all those new-fangled tips. Thanks for the info, and believe me, I WILL keep away from those porn sites, that bolo is sharp!

  3. Smart Bro was the only high speed Internet service available to me, John. Don’t know if Globe will offer you anything, but freebies are always nice. I had to buy a new printer last year, my old one from the States that I shipped over died. The new printer is an Epson, and when I make copies with it or scan with it, I already get a wide black ban across the page. I cleaned my cartridge heads, but that didn’t help. I don’t use my cell that much, ok, ok, I will confess I have now downloaded two games on it for P50 each, some racing game and a penguin game. Keeps me occupied before the asawa wakes up.

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