Cute Filipina at SM Still Wants To Be My Mistress?

The mistress issue was back! Last month, after a cute Filipina salesgirl at SM whispered to me last month:  "I think she wants to be your mistress, Sir Dave.",  my asawa and I returned to SM City so I could send my recently completed 2010 1040 tax forms (Uncle Sam owed me a refund) from my favorite and reliable PhilPost office located on the lower level of my favorite mall in Iloilo City (yes, I possibly could have "e-filed", but I'm still "old school" on some things.)   After seeing another kano in front of me, who turned out to be Allan, an American from Los Angeles, who briefly engaged me in conversation but quickly left when his mail was cared for; I'm sure the poor guy did not have time to hear more of my long-winded stories.  Girls of Dinagyang

I needed to buy some new lighter weight ankle socks since I had managed to scratch my right  foot a couple of weeks ago,  and the scratch became infected. My toes, foot, and ankle swelled up bigger than Kirstie Alley on a McDonald's binge! Half the foot was red, and the fact that I had not worn any socks since living in the Philippines, the shoe leather had irritated my scratch after walking around SM City a couple of weeks ago.

After a folk remedy cure prescribed by my mother-in-law, The Feared Giant Lizard Killer, which involved putting SCALDING hot water on the infection to draw it out and taking Amoxicillin (at two pesos each) to fight off further infection,  the infected foot is almost healed now and saved me a trip to the doctor (and possibly my foot.)  But I needed some lighter socks and after mailing my tax forms, I stopped at the SM Department Store section that I had approached from a different direction than usual, and did not realize that "Emma" and "Maria" worked in this area (my wife later asked me "Are you SURE you forgot?")

"Emma", the cute Filipina sales girl, had told me before that her co-worker and attractive friend, "Maria," who already was a mistress to an older Filipino married man, wanted to be MY mistress. I honestly had forgotten this was the area that the two worked in, and yesterday, they were both there as I was trying to buy the new socks!

I wanted to get out as fast as I could, and fortunately was rescued by a more senior co-worker who directed me to the socks I needed and engaged me in conversation. I did not have to speak to the other two salesgirls and quickly went to the cashier unaccompanied (at SM, like Ace Hardware, the sales personnel get extra credit, not a commission, however,  for more sales they can bring in and personally escort you to the cashiers.)

My asawa had just sent me a text that she was resting at a nearby bench area, so I joined her and  told her what had just happened. That's when she asked me: "Are you SURE you forgot that the girl worked in that department?" I honestly said to her that I really DID forget.  What do I tell you, my faithful readers? I have to truthfully  report the same. I DID forget (but I won't anymore.)  I'm going to be 59 next month, and I'm getting old. But if I want to reach my next birthday, there are SOME things I BETTER start remembering like what department cute Filipinas at SM in Iloilo City are working!